Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Saturday 06 October 2018

A short post this time, I managed to forget the camera, so thanks to Sarah who took photos and sent them to me so I could put this up for you.

Some of Eleanor's Polwarth, it's gorgeous

Heather knit up a sock blank and then dyed it before using it to knit up these amazing colourful socks

Rosemary knit this jersey; I always love how natural fleece knits up, this particular fleece is a Perendale.
And Jan R knit this from Christine's book on Antarctica knitting.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Saturday 29 September

I'm afraid I don't know who made all the things this time, I left before that information was provided unfortunately.

Rachelle's scarves now finished and fringed or hemmed.

I know this lot is Iris's, some lovely bouncy yarn here

More of Iris's work

and I think this was hers too

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Saturday 08 September 2018

Sorry for the radio silence the last two weeks.  I wasn't well for one of them and for the other we were taking a family trip for the day to Wellington.  There will be at least two weeks next month that I won't be posting as well due to my husband's commitments.  In the meantime we'll get back to it!

Another good day on Saturday, plenty of people, though they ebbed and flowed a bit due to the presence of Wool on Wheels in Ferry Road; quite a few people added items to their stashes as a result.

Rachelle finished a couple of projects, these socks are for her youngest son.  Her own pattern which may be published later.

She's also finished this weaving which is two scarves in a merino/possum/silk blend warp with alpaca weft.

Jan F finished this lovely shawl, a nice transition piece for spring
Mandy has been knitting Norwegian style fingerless mitts

and this Shackleton hat.

Kerry decorated this shopping bag, it's called "Flocked"
Janet knit these lovely blue socks

Ali's daughter made her this cute bag

Eleanor rescued the bits floating around the shearing shed floor and created this skein

Janet has been busy making this lovely peacock coloured skirt

Margaret is almost done on this mosaic knit, she does have to redo a bit which I believe was due to a pattern issue.  It's going to be magnificent once it's finished.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Heritage Day at Willowbank


60 Hussey Rd, Northwood, Christchurch, in the Farmyard Section of the Reserve, on

from 10 am

Join us in an exploration of sheep and the uses that can be made of their wool:

Sheep shearing
Knitting and other crafts
Fleece etc for sale

Saturday 18 August 2018

Not much on the table today, I think we're all mid-project.

Mary Catherine has been busy again

with some more merino/silk dyed by our Anna

Not sure whose this is, I left before the big reveal, but it's pretty!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Saturday 11 August 2018

Mandy knit this cardigan in a lovely shade of paprika

Eleanor has been busy with her polwarth 

Felicity brought along the yarn she dyed on dye day

Mandy has been overdyeing, all these came from the same pot

Susannah has been dyeing too, some lovely deep shades in here.

Tedge went to Woolin at Dublin, Ireland

and did some spinning while she was there

and some knitting too!  This required a bit of rejigging as the armhole didn't match the sleeve cap

Janet has been turning alpaca into a lovely warm shawl.

Joanne has been busy too, this is really gorgeous

This is Joanne's as well, haunui/silk from Heavenly Wools
Heather wove this cot blanket 

Jan F knit a hat from Christine's Antarctic book

and did some spinning as well from Heavenly Wools fibre

Lynn has been dyeing rug wool, lovely colour.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Saturday 04 August 2018

Another good day at guild, lots of people and a very interesting talk from Beck of Krama & Co about the weaving of Krama shawls in Cambodia.  I didn't take any photos, was too busy trying not to buy one! 

Onto the reason for your visit to our blog, the table of gorgeous things.

Valois and Lincoln lambswool from Willowbank by Margarel L.

2 skeins of peach merino/silk by Christine; 2 slightly different colourways that were plied together.

Kerry made more wee hats

Sorry out this being inverted; it won't turn around.  This gorgeous wee vest is by Margaret S for her great grandson and is from Polwarth wool.

Ali finished this lovely striped jersey in alpaca

Mary Catherine made this striped cardigan which will go with anything.
Eleanor made this hat for her husband from a Polwarth fleece, the sheep was called Paddock Racer.

These colourful socks are also Eleanor's, they came about due to moth attack.

Jan spun this from alpaca; it's not her favourite, but I love the colours.

Margaret S knit this using an intarsia method; the pattern is called Evening Bush Walk.