Sunday, January 21, 2018

Saturday 20th January 2018

Another great day at guild.  We had visitors from the US which was lovely, they knew about us as one of them is online friends with one of our members; the internet is an amazing thing!
We had a reasonable amount of gorgeousness on the table for them to see as well.

Dawn has been dyeing yarn, this is for a table runner and brings to mind gorgeous sunrises

This is Rachelle's first weft faced rug, made for the studio.  The colours are more vibrant in real life.

Paula finished her double knit scarf; took a couple of years but well worth the wait.  It's from alpaca and feels lovely.

This is also Paula's spinning.  The fibre is from Kate Mahoney and in the Mermaid's Tale colourway.

Eli has been busy dyeing as well, she especially loves the one on the left.  I think the middle was handspun.

Lynn dyed this yarn that she found on the sales table.  The thick and thin works especially well with the Impressionist colour palette.

Rosemary is going to send this to Glasgow, where I suspect it will be well loved.  Nothing like a natural hand spun jersey for warmth and good looks.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Saturday 13th January 2018

The second weekend of 2018, how on earth did that roll around so quickly?  Here's hoping this year is a good one for all of us.

Kerry wasn't very happy with how this turned out, it was linen and the warp kept breaking.

I'm not sure whose this was as I haven't written it down.

Mandy has been busy knitting again, apparently these came a little big but some felting fixed that problem.

and these gorgeous socks are also Mandy's.  I love the touch of red on the toe.  The pattern is one from The Netherlands.

Eleanor knit this incredibly cute wee cardigan for a new nephew.

Meg finished some spinning, this was Anna's merino/silk and in my favourite colour too.

Sue has been busy spinning batts; these took a little getting used to as of course batts tend to be a little less smooth to spin.

A leftovers hat by Christine

as well as two Floscalorum Hats which are lovely and squishy

and her book which is available on Amazon and will hopefully be available locally as Christine is looking at a local print run.
Jan F has been spinning some Fibre2Go gradient yarn, and brought along a bump that she picked up while on holiday in Nelson too.

Janet has been knitting, this was from some yarn on the sales table and has a metallic sparkle to it.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Saturday 6th January 2018

Welcome to the New Year everyone, here's hoping it's a good one for all of us with health and everything else we need being good to us.  Here's some gorgeous fluffy stuff to start it off right in any case!

Mandy used some Noro Silk Garden Sock to make this Hitchhiker shawl; the perfect pattern for a yarn like this.

She also spun this gradient from Fibre Artimis into a gorgeous hank; it's around 310m and was spun into two singles before being plied.

This is Jan's, it's a romney plied with a silk hankie

Meg has been busy making more mittens for charity, someone will have nice warm hands this winter.

Rosemary made a string bag; apparently it was very boring knitting but worth it in the end.

Janet has been spinning alpaca; this one has a sheen to it

and finally, Natalie made this black merino cowl which is gorgeous!  Wish it was mine, but at least being a knitter I can make my own.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

18 November 2017 and the previous week too.

I'm afraid it's just going to be photos this time, I'm prepping for surgery and don't have much time.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Saturday 04 November 2017

A full table and rooms today, as well as the usual sit and knit/spin/crochet/weave and natter we also had a presentation from Tedge about the textile related parts of her recent trip to Vietnam which was very interesting and I know made me a trifle envious.

I've only got a couple more Saturday's to post before my surgery and then there will be a gap till after Christmas.

Rachelle's challenge spinning for the Advanced Spinner's Group.  Top is Finn, Navajo plied.  The bottom is a first attempt at cable plying and requires some more practice; this used some of the cotton/bamboo provided for the challenge and was blended with wool to make it easier to handle.

Sue spun this gorgeous blue yarn, not sure what it is though.

This is Lynn's finished multicoloured crocheted bolero; goes with anything and looks great on!

Jenny has been busy spinning some of Kate's fibre

Diane S's husband made this felted bag from Gotland; love the penguins.

Not sure whose this was, lovely colours though.

Another item of unknown provenance; someone's going to be lucky to get these socks though.

Faith knit these cute wee baby socks.

The spindle and shawl pin are by Tedge; using the yarn to show them off.
This is Kerry's woven wrap, I think I need one.

and an example of what to do with leftover scraps of weaving; this is Kerry's as well.

Ellie has been spinning, love the subtle colours.

and Ellie has also been knitting; a very bold shape on this, will look great when worn.

Janet made this shawl and another very similar

Jan F has been practicing her Navajo plying to take advantage of the lovely gradient fibres available now.

And the following photos are all from Tedge's talk
Silk fabric on the left and some bags bought from local people.

Batik cloth

Silk cocoons; sans worm.