Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saturday 18 March 2017

A relatively quiet day today, still a decent turnout, but less than usual.  I didn't get much spinning done, too busy talking to people!
Pam's been busy spinning all of these.  The bottom 3 are part of  a larger project and all are beautiful!

This is also Pam's and was knit from wool she was given for Christmas, it has a lovely drape to it.

Another of Pam's, this is a cowl in bulky wool done on large needles, I think there may be a drop stitch in there too.

And finally, this is a convertible wrap, knit in some of Pam's handspun and much admired!

Mandy knit this shawl using some Rambouillet yarn imported from America, the pattern is a Kate Davies one.
Ellie knit this unusual hat, it uses a sideways construction, that gives it a different but very nice effect

Ellie also knit this geometric wrap, this is half of it, the second half is a mirror image

Rose has been testing the old dyes we have and has found that although you're not supposed to need to add vinegar they work better when you do, obviously age has affected the ph of the dyes.  The big one in the middle was dyed to recreate the socks in the next photo.

Jan has been spinning, this lovely soft yarn was from some fibre that had been sitting around in the rooms for a while.

Jan F knit this scarf on large needles, the yarn is a mohair, merino and nylon blend.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Saturday 11 March 2017

Well, the year is rocketing by already, hard to believe it's already Autumn, though the rain bucketing down outside my window is helping to convince me!
It was a lovely day at guild on Saturday, lots of people again which seems to be the norm nowadays on the Saturday meeting.  And now onto the reason you're here, the lovely items people brought in that they'd finished over the previous week.

Joanne knit this for Emily, Emily is doing "Shave for a cure" and needed something to keep her head warm once all her hair is gone.  

This shawl was created by Paula at Majacraft Camp and is a slipped stitch shawl which used the yarn really effectively.

This squooshy item is a cowl knit from handspun batts by Rachelle, it needs reblocking as it was a trifle overblocked

I can't remember who knitted this unfortunately, I thought I noted it, but in fact only noted it was knit from BFL yarn

This cotton shawl is knit from Noro yarn by Eleanor, the pattern is Hitchhiker.

This is also Eleanor's, it's a sampler

These gorgeous gloves are a present from Margaret S to her daughter, I think she's very lucky!

all these wee people were knit by June I from the Oxford area for Festival, such fine work!

and this didn't get to be shown off at guild and now won't due to it going to Festival for the sock display.   A pair of Jaywalker socks knit in Opal Harmonie yarn by Rachelle (me).  Excuse the feet.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Saturday 25 Feb and 04 March 2017

Sorry, this last week just got away from me and I didn't get last weekend's photos posted.   The upside?  You get more photos this week!

Jenny spun this beautiful skein last week

This is Rachelle's skein of approximately 845m of Heavenly Wools Haunui

Rachelle also spun this alpaca/silk skein, it includes both Huacaya and Suri varieties

and this is the hat she knit from some Haunui in teh Okarito colourway, it was plied with suri alpaca.

Kerry finished spinning this English Leicester which was lightly dyed while in the grease before spinning

Jan finished this gorgeous Hitchhiker shawl, I think it was from a Zauberball

Jan F knit this mohair scarf, so lightweight and such large needles!

Jan also knit this little singlet for Pregnancy Help.

Ellie made this lovely purple shawl, very pretty.

Heather dyed this fabric for blankets for Pregnancy Help

Kerry's been knitting socks again, good thick winter ones.

Lynn finished her weft faced mat, this is for her bathroom floor

Sarah knit this very versatile wrap for her daughter, it's gorgeous and very nicely blocked too!

Not sure what happened to this photo, apparently my phone is playing silly with me.  It's a poncho from corespun Polwarth with little cat print lace sections for Iris's daughter

Iris also spun this beaded crepe yarn, the fibre is alpaca and angora

Janet has been knitting a skirt, this is the finished piece, a great way to use up bits and pieces and still look good.

Heather did her first double weave, it was a learning experience but she's made a good start.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Saturday 11 February 2017

I've got a couple of items from the previous week as well, that week was very quiet due to many of our members being at another event.

Margaret W spun this I believe

And she knit this from leftovers, it's absolutely stunning!

This little cutie is Emily's work.

These two are Kerry's weaving, both the same colours but she didn't like the Bedford Tweed one, so resleyed it to the double weave on the left.  Most of us at guild were in love with the Bedford.

Ria has been spinning merino and alpaca into this gorgeous yarn.

and this is part of a wedding sampler that Sonya had finished

and the other half, hard to get the camera to focus properly.

Meg finished her little people for Festival, very cute.

and Eleanor made this from her own sheep, lovely work.

Tedge has been busy too, this yarn is a very interesting construction, I believe there's at least 6 plies in there.

and her lovely spindles, she'll be selling them at Festival if you're interested.  I know I am!

Jan finally finished her English Leicester, I suspect she'll be spinning something bright next.

Mary Catherine has been dyeing, this is less intense than she'd expected and it's possible it's due to the dyes being old.

Rosalie has been weaving on an inkle loom, very pretty.