Saturday, September 23, 2017

Saturday 23 September 2017

A good day again, some very nice items on the table to show you.

Mandy brought this shawl along that she'd finished, I love the sideways cable!

Rachelle knit roving into this cat-mat after her cat kept stealing the roving while she was spinning it.

Rachelle also finished this tote bag, it's a good size, lined and has internal pockets.

Margaret S. spun this 13 micron merino into a super fine yarn.

Eleanor spun some of Kate Mahoney's fibre (halfbred/silk) into this beautiful skein.

Rosemary has been making baby clothes

Diane has been busy finishing things from her WIP pile, these have been waiting for final touches for a while.

Eleanor also finished these socks, love the rainbow!

Sarah crocheted this amigurimi Amish Puzzle Ball

Diane also knit this scarf, beautiful geometry.

And a view down the side of the room, sorry it's on its side, not sure why but I don't seem to be able to rotate it.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Saturday 09 September 2017

A fairly quiet day, I believe a number of our members were attending a weaving event?   I'm late posting, but there won't be a post this coming weekend due to other commitments.  Fairly sure I took more photos, but I only had the cellphone with me, maybe it didn't save them.

Ria knit this scarf from handspun plied with a red thread, love how handspun knits up

Rachelle finished a pair of socks for her youngest, the feet concerned are getting bigger!

Joanne's been spinning, the top is merino/silk, the bottom is some of Eleanor's polwarth.  There was a multicoloured corriedale too, but that's one of the missing photos.

This is Janet's alpaca/silk which is lovely and soft.

Jan's been working on smaller things, the teacup can have a teabag inside it and the log cabin square was using the challenge fibre for this year.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Saturday 26 August 2017

Got a heap of finished items for you today, this could take a while if you don't have much bandwidth.  The first few photos are taken with my macro lens, I'm not putting descriptions on those, but the full skeins/fabric will be further down with descriptions.

Faith spun this, it's some of Kate Mahoney's fibre and is plied with alpaca.

Kerry has been busy spinning too, lovely subtle colours.

Susan has been spinning too, the colours remind us spring is almost here.

Ria's been busy, as well as this colourful merino we have...

1200m of fine alpaca, and..

finally 2 skeins of polwarth.  The top one is a little less soft as it has the darker wool in it.

Valerie has been busy on her loom, this is all that's left from 5m that she wove for a Ruana that's already been made

and this is the second 5m of fabric for a Ruana for her daughter.

Heather was the spinner for this yarn which was a fleece with two colours in it.

Jan has been sampling Romney

Diane had a birthday and this is one of the lovely gifts she received, it's a felted scarf

and a pair of knee warmers for when she has her knee replacement
and finally this gorgeous shawl that was knit in secret for her.

Diane herself has been busy sewing up bunnies, this is one with a spare dress that was finished recently.

This jersey has been around for about 3 decades, Mandy brought it in to show, it's beautiful, all those wee rosebuds.

and here is Mandy's most recent finished jersey in handspun polwarth/romney cross

with wee bullion flowers on it as well.

Janet made this lovely hat and scarf, the buttons are the perfect finishing touch.

Rosalie has been dyeing fibre, these colours are so pretty!

Marion finished this crocheted shawl, it's got a great weight to it and the lace looks lovely, she also had her first finished spinning with her, but unfortunately I didn't get a photo of that.

Jan knit this very cute wee baby hat

and finally, these slippers are all by Gavin, Rose's relative who she taught to knit just before she moved, he's done very well!
Have a great week everyone and I'll be back next week with more finished objects of desire to inspire you with.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Saturday 19 August 2017

A fairly quiet day, probably due to the Glentui weekend being on and having quite a few of our members having a fantastic weekend spinning and knitting out there.  We still managed a reasonable turnout though and had several visitors through which was lovely.

Mandy knit these then overdyed them and felted them before embroidering the gorgeous wee cats on them

she's also been busy spinning, this was the Polwarth that Eleanor and her husband brought a couple of Saturday's back.

Margaret S has been busy too, this was fibre she'd had left from other projects which she spun up into 3 different skeins, the bigger one has some pink in it and all of them are gorgeous.

Finally we have Sandra's Faultline shawl, the colour is more purple than this shows and it's a beautiful shawl.