Monday, June 17, 2019

Saturday 15th June 2019

Jan F knit this hat taking various pieces from the patterns in Christine's Antarctic Hats book.

Sarah spun this from the Karakul fleece we had at guild, it's beautiful

This is the pair of socks that qualified Rachelle for the final of Sock Madness.  I didn't win, but am very happy with being in the final.

Jan knit this scarf from some Italian yarn, very little was left.  The pattern is Old Shale.

Marie wove this bag some years back using the tapestry technique and carpet yarn.

Eleanor spun this, the fibre (halfbred and silk) was dyed by Kate of Heavenly Wools and the colour is called Rusty Hulk.

Lynn is just working on the final touches to this Ruana, the binding and side seams will see it ready to wear.

Friday, May 31, 2019

Saturday 25 May 2019

A little late, was frantically knitting for Sock Madness again and things got away on me; however it is before Saturday at least!  Unfortunately I can't be sure who did all the lovely items here, I wrote them down on my pattern but have misplaced it, so I'll note what I remember.

Barbara created this lovely shawl in natural shades; pretty sure it was handspun with mohair in some sections and Polwarth in others.

This was Kerry's and I think it might have been either Romney or halfbred.

This was definitely Kerry's all in handspun from some sampling she did.

Sandra made liquorice allsorts socks, and they're making me hungry!

This is Jan F's creation, it has been on here before, but she added i-cord to the neckline to make it more wearable.

This was Kerry's as well, raw fleece.

Anna H has been busy spinning and dyeing, Polwarth and silk if I remember correctly.

Rosalie made this crocheted beret style hat.

And this was a fleece that was being taken apart for people to take home and spin, it's a Pitt Island fleece.  I've got some to wash and spin.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Saturday 18th May 2019

Sorry for the radio silence, I didn't get to guild for the last couple of weeks, but was back this week so I have plenty to share in the way of gorgeous finished items.

Two pairs of socks finished by Rachelle, I only have one set of sock blockers though so you only get to see one from each pair.  These are from Sock Madness on Ravelry.

Diane S is working out her colours for making a Timely cardigan, this should look fabulous!

Raewyn has been knitting pretty gradient socks

Valerie has been spinning, this is Romney

This is also Valerie's work, gorgeous fine scarf in merino 30 tex, a fancy twill.

Ria has been spinning too, this is merino plied with merino silk.

Jan's son bought this when he was in Bulgaria

Robbie has been knitting socks too, these are more pink than they look here.

Sarah has been making cute wee baby hats

lots of them!

This lovely blanket is also by Sarah, it's crocheted and has single crochet woven through to make it look like a plaid.

Tedge has been busy too, this cowl is all from spindle spun yarn

Mandy has been busy spinning too, this yarn was dyed in the lock and then spun up and is making a beautiful stripy knit.

Mandy also finished this very practical jersey with pockets!

Wendy crocheted a shrug and then knit it together, unfortunately the photo I took of the front didn't come out well.  It does look very nice though.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Saturday 13 April 2019

A fairly quiet day due to the TAFAN Declutter Sale that was on that day in Avonhead.  Still had 3 awesome finished objects to show off though.

Paula was wearing the cardigan she finished, knit in Skeinz Silver Lining Lumiere if I remember correctly

Joanne finished her cardigan too, not sure which yarn

And I've been sewing, this is from boiled wool, only downside is I didn't prewash since I didn't think I'd need to but it does shrink so is dry clean only.

The fabric came from For Fabric Sake which is a local online retailer and was given to me to test drive the fabric.

The pattern is the Pathfinder Vest by Twig and Tale who is a NZ designer.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Saturday 23 March and Saturday 30 March 2019

My apologies for the delay, last week I was participating in Sock Madness 13 so everything else went on the back burner.  That round is now complete for me though, so things go back to normal until the next round - Rachelle.

This vest was woven and sewn by Kerry, she's made excellent use of a boucle yarn

These lovely tea towels are also Kerry's work

Diane has finished the first sleeve for a jersey using 4-ply yarn; her colourwork is just gorgeous

Mandy has been knitting socks, the camera couldn't get the colour right, this is a blueish lilac

Kate M brought this in, it was originally knit 23 years ago and is still in excellent condition aside from one moth hole

Joanne has been test-knitting, this lovely jersey is going to be brilliant in winter

Jan spun this from some of Kate's halfbred and silk fibre
Eleanor knit this very colourful hat,almost makes me look forward to winter!

We had a table at The Tannery's Market Day too, although we didn't sell a heap we did make a bit that we wouldn't otherwise have done and had a few people express interest in joining too.

Saturday 30th March

These are the socks that were keeping me busy last week, a fraternal pair; the lace pattern is different on each one as well.

And the previous week I'd been working on these for my youngest son and he wore them 3 times before I managed to get them to guild.

Marie has been busy making more tapestry bags.  The left one is knotted pile and the other is flat weave for her cellphone.

This is another one the camera didn't get the colour right, Joc has been busy knitting this and the blanket below as well.

Paula did some sampling of English long draw using mohair (which she cut in half); it has a gorgeous halo.

Anna H has been knitting too, this is from some yarn that Eleanor spun from her pet sheep Panda; the pattern was a perfect choice for Panda's yarn.
Anna H has also been Nuno felting, a very subtle and lovely colour scheme

Kerry was busy this week too, the pink is all Corriedale, the green is a Romney woolly hogget

plus she's been knitting socks

and this child's jacket was started from a book she got in the library's sale this week.

Mary Catherine's been spinning, most of this is Merino/Silk and it's all dyed by Anna.