Thursday, February 14, 2019

Saturday 09th February 2019

This week has been nuts and I only just realised I've not updated you guys!  There wasn't much on the table on Saturday, but what there was should definitely be shown off.

Ria finished this lovely yarn, not sure what she has in mind for it.

I believe these are heading for Pregnancy Help and were created by a friend of Felicity

Mandy made this set for our stall to sell to the public.

Raewyn made this vest; it's going to be lovely and warm and has that homespun look that we all love so much.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Saturday 19th January and 26th January

Sorry, school holidays took me a little off course.

Christine has been working on a new hat, isn't it gorgeous!

Margaret S remade this jacket as it was wearing out and she wanted to be able to continue using it; brilliant!

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This is all Kerry's dyeing, the fibre was dyed in the fleece and then spun, it's all Romney

This is also Kerry's, loving how this turned out, more dyeing of the yarn for this.

and finally from Kerry, some socks, the yarn was for weaving but it didn't cope well so turned into socks instead.

Rosemary knit this many years ago and brought it in to show off the Dorset buttons she made for it back then.

Ali knit this, a perfect marriage of pattern and yarn.

Barbara spun this, the fibre was from Kate at Heavenly Wools

Joce spun this yarn, the colour doesn't show right on the screen.  It's a blend of grey and brown which was perfect.

Jan F knit this, she ran out of the darker pink which was actually a good thing since the lighter pink is a perfect frame.

Elena has been busy too, all this is from her handspun

Diane C has been busy making wee softies

And finally a visitor (whose name I didn't catch unfortunately) brought in her weaving to show us.

I think we can safely say she came to the right place!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Saturday 12 January 2019

Another lovely day spinning, knitting, chatting and just plain enjoying ourselves.  A good turnout on the show and tell table too.   Don't forget next Saturday is Dorset Buttons.

Valerie has been finishing off her handspun yarn.  If I remember correctly the top one was some of Anna's merino/silk plied with a commercial merino yarn, next down is some Polwarth, not sure on the blue/green but the bottom is some of Kate's Haunui and it pretty much jumped onto the wheel.

Christine tried her hand at dyeing yarn, it worked very well indeed.

Rachelle has been busy making a pincushion.

and another sheep bauble

Jan F knit this from handspun, the original fibre was dyed by Anna

this is also Jan's and used some Revive Designs yarn in two different colours.

Jam spun this orange yarn for a cowl

Marie has been busy too, this wee bag is so intricate!

Jan S knit these mitts

Margaret has also been dyeing yarn

Lynn brought this blanket home with her, it's from the 1950s

Margaret knit this fishing jersey for her son.

Jan F was gifted this embroidered heart.