Saturday, August 5, 2017

Saturday 29 July and 05 August 2017

Sorry about the delay from last weekend, had a computer disaster which meant I forgot to set this up!  A good side effect is you get a double dose of wonderful this weekend.

Saturday 29th July
We have a few people who were taking part in the Tour de Fleece, this is Rachelle's contribution. The dyed yarn is a combo-spin and will become a jersey, eventually.

This pile is Susan's spinning and dyeing.  The autumn shades were dyed on the yarn and the turquoise and butter was dyed in the top, can't wait to see that one spun up!

Valerie has been busy weaving, aren't they lovely?

she's also been busy on her wheel with a merino/silk on the right and polwarth on the left.

This is Ria's very fine polwarth

Kerry has been busy too, this wee cardigan is ready for a very lucky wee person

and this is a test skein, you'll see the finished pile further down in the next weekend's lot.

Margaret finished this cardigan, it's the third iteration in this yarn I believe, but this is the one that was meant!

Mandy has been spinning supersoft llama, she's very happy with this.

Joanne has been busy too, this is her laceweight steel spin, steel is the colourway, not the material.  The dyeing was done by Kate Mahoney.

More of Joanne', I believe the fibre for these ones was from Anna

and Joanne's combo spin, with swatch no less!

Janet knit this beret style hat in a lovely marled yarn
 Saturday 05th
Kerry has turned some of her weaving into this beautiful bag.
and this is the finished yarn which you saw the sample for earlier.

Mary Catherine has been spinning too, this fibre was the Rusted Hulk colourway from Kate and it's turned out beautifully.

and this is a mobius cowl also by Mary Catherine

Faith has been busy weaving, she's taken up Saori weaving which is exciting

and this incredibly cute wee hat is by Meg

Rosemary has been trying out natural dyes.  The peach is from flax with no mordant and the green is dock leaves and copper sulphate.

and finally, we have Eleanor's cowl, the colour isn't quite right it's more cobalt in real life.
Have a good week everyone, keep warm and dry and we'll see you again next weekend!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Saturday 15 July 2017

Another lovely day at guild, though sad to be saying au revoir to Rose who's moving out of town.  We'll miss her, though hopefully she'll visit from time to time.

Heather has been making bears using her knitting machine
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and a cat
Lynn has now got a Saori loom and this is one of her pieces, love the contrast!

and this is a Saori bag she was given by her daughter I think it was.

Jan F knit this scarf in merino/yak and is very happy with how it blocked out, it's beautiful!

Diane has been making another lightweight mohair scarf, they're lovely and warm.

and Eleanor knit this Beeswax hat from some yarn she got from Fran's stash

Iris has been busy too, some art yarn as well as more conventional yarns to keep her busy.

This is a Navajo plied yarn, very fine indeed!  Spun by Ria.

Ellie has been busy spinning some sock sliver into this lovely skein.

and Kerry has been busy with alpaca too.  Good time of year for it, alpaca is lovely and warm.

Heather has been trying out her new Mecchia loom and having a grand old time with some overshot.

and last but not least is this wee jersey knit by Raewyn for some lucky wee person.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Saturday 01 July 2017

A very good day at guild, we had a speaker come in to tell us about mohair which was very interesting and has got me thinking about having another go at a mohair blanket on the loom.  We also had some lovely stuff on the display table.  I've got photos but I don't know who made everything as I was out of the room at the start of "show and tell".

This beautifully colourful shawl is by Diane S, I love how a gradient yarn works and this one worked perfectly.

Ugh, cellphone pic (I forgot the good camera), not sure whose this was.

Another unsure one I'm afraid

I'm pretty sure these are Kerry's, and I think I'm going to have to have words with my phone, the focus is appalling!

These three are all Pam's work, the middle one is 100% silk

This lovely cardigan is Mandy's, a variation on the traditional yoke pattern and the buttons she made in a jewelry class.

I'm not sure, but I suspect this is Mandy's too, good timing for the cold snap

Another of Pam's pieces, the brooch was made in a jewelry class as well and the shawl is from handspun merino/linen.

I think this was Jan's work, lovely Romney

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Saturday 24 June 2017

First of all an apology for the radio silence.  I've not been well and then there was Woolfeast.  I'm now on antibiotics so hopefully things will go back to normal soon.

It was a good day at guild yesterday, a reasonably full table and some Woolfeast stash to show off as well.   Onto business, photos of what we've been busy making and buying recently!

This is Rachelle's wool fabric from her 8-shaft loom which as you can see is going to be used to make a bag.  The yarn was all carpet wool.

Plus Rachelle's gradient socks, the yarn is Wollelfe from Austria and the pattern is called Melisandre and is available on Ravelry

and finally from Rachelle, a pair of man-sized socks for her youngest son in Opal

Ria knit this lovely scarf from some handspun that she'd originally intended for weaving, despite the high twist it made a beautiful scarf.

All items for Pregnancy Help and the Oncology ward

More hats for the Oncology ward, apparently they're getting low, so nice, soft wool hats would be appreciated.

These lovely gloves are by Raewyn made to go with something she made earlier

And this shawl is by Jan R, who crocheted it from handspun I think.

Mandy made this oh-so-cute toddler jersey, this is going to be one lucky wee person!

And no, the photo is not in black and white, this skirt is knit by Janet and you can see the photo of her inspiration too.

Don't you just love Mary Catherine's dye job?

and this is her latest knit, so fine and the little bead add just the right touch of bling.

This bulky blanket is by Jan R and just right for this time of year when it's freezing.