Friday, March 16, 2018

Saturday 17 March 2018

I'm afraid I don't know who made most of the items today as I had to leave before it was presented to the group.

I know this was Kerry's, she's dyed the fabric that's been cut off a project.

Diane knit this 27 years ago and it's worn really well.  The fibre is Romney.  The cuffs have worn, but they're going to be reknit in black to give it a new lease of life.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Saturday 10 March 2018

March already!  I know it was the previous weekend as well but I was keeping away from guild so I didn't spread my flu to everyone, here's hoping that we can all get through the current winter with no nasty bugs.

It was a good day on Saturday, all the seats were taken and we had a few visitors come through as well which was lovely.

Diane knit this gorgeous scarf from some of Susan's merino/silk fibre

Rachelle knit this pair of socks, the colour is more green than this shows.  The markers were to show pattern repeats as the socks had a minimum requirement for Sock Madness as far as length was concerned.

More of Diane's, this is hand spun

Susan W has also been spinning, such cute wee skeins

Mandy knit this orange shawl, the colour is very much that of a ripe pumpkin

This blanket is full bed sized and has been on the needles for some years; the blue is apparently due to running out of the main colour, but it just made the blanket; a serendipitous accident.

Ali also made this quilt which is a wedding present and will be going to England later this month.

Margaret made this wee cardigan

Heather has been trying out honeycomb weaving

I love the texture on this one.

and the colours in this one!

This is Heather trying out lace

and more lace, this one is a wool

detail shot

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Saturday 24 February 2018

Another busy day, always good to be busy!

Ria finished this gorgeous Polwarth which she plied with some rust coloured merino that Kate dyed; the rust has brought out the other colours beautifully.

Dawn dyed this handspun, such lovely soft colours.

Iris has been busy too, this hat is from Corriedale and was windproof on her recent travels.

This yarn is Iris's recent spinning for the Advanced Spinner's Group challenge.  The bamboo blend was dyed using rhubarb root with an alum mordant.
We've been watching this jersey being knit up by Kerry, love the colour changes.

Janet has been knitting and crocheting, the alpaca is cute.

Margaret has finished her challenge item for Festival, a corn dolly in her challenge colours.

Jan F has finished her gradient scarf, love how this changes from black to white.

Margaret S made this lovely pastel rainbow hat, too warm now but it's going to be great in winter.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Saturday 17 February 2018

Another lovely day with a very full display table!

Heather has been busy spinning these lovely squooshy skeins

and these banana socks

Valerie finished these socks, the colour isn't right; they were more grey in real life.

Rachelle has been back to the 18th century with this bum pad (stuffed with roving) and she's also been dyeing fibre to evoke a Canterbury sunset.

Diane's been spinning again too, lovely muted colourway.

The orange was Kerry's dye day experiment with removing the cone from a cone of yarn and then dyeing the resulting collapsed cone.

Kerry has also been spinning the merino on the right (natural shades) and weaving the lilac and brown teatowels.

and the fluro green yarn which is so hard to photograph well.

Sarah spun up this purple yarn, gorgeous!

Mandy has been dyeing yarn, the one on the left was indigo dyed.

This is Kerry's project for the challenge at Festival this year.

Margaret S has been knitting again, this wee jersey uses the intarsia technique and is a great alternative to pastels for a kids jersey.

Christine has knit a new colourwork hat.

Jenny knit a hat in some gorgeous natural shades

Mandy knit the same pattern in a solid lime

Janet knit a green scarf, there seems to be a bit of a green theme this week!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Saturday 10 February 2018

It started off grey outside, but there was plenty of colour inside to lift our spirits.

Mary Catherine has been busy with a pattern by Stephen West using Brioche Stitch to show off the Corriedale she spun.

I'm sorry, I didn't notice that it wasn't sitting correctly, doesn't it look good though?

and the back is gorgeous too!

Meg bought this down in Geraldine from the craft shop down there to put in her gift box for very small relations.

These socks are Meg's as well, though she's not happy with them

This little black shrug is Rachelle's and fits perfectly.  The pattern is Dew Point off Ravelry and the yarn is Outlaw Yarn Bohemia in sport weight.

Faith has been  weaving, she's not happy with this either but we disagree; it's gorgeous!

Annalie has been busy too, this cushion cover is a kit and introduced her to intarsia, cables, lace and colourwork in one project.

Another of Annalie's projects.  The pattern is called Milo and is a great introduction to knitting in the round and the yarn was dyed by Darn Knits who does wonderful gradients.

Annalie's weaving, this is in Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn and is going to be a handtowel and washcloth. 

And the back of the cushion, the buttons were plain, but Annalie painted them to match the boat on the front.