Saturday, July 21, 2018

Saturday 21 July 2018

Well the year is still rocketing past; I think it's going faster than any previous year for me!  Another good Saturday at the guild though with lots of friendly faces, a new member was welcomed which was lovely and a good pile of gorgeousness on the table as well.

Meg finished this hat, too big for her unfortunately but it'll keep someone beautifully warm!

Kerry tried out some new needles, Addi are now making mini-circulars in a set of 3 for socks and Kerry found them quite nice to use.

Jocelyn crocheted this huge shawl and combined the very bright colours with grey to tone down the main colours.

She also spun this very smooth natural yarn

and knit this rather lovely hat; the subtle colours work very well.

Diane spun some Gotland, this is a lovely drapey skein and is likely to become a jersey,

Margaret finished this blanket in acrylic, a lot of work!

July holiday programme

The guild as usual in the winter holidays joined the Kidsfest programme and held several beginner weaver classes for the children.  In these classes the children get to stay for the day and learn to weave a small bag on a rigid heddle loom with the support of our members when they get stuck and for the fiddly bits at the end.
The children always have fun, and best of all they get to leave with something that they have made themselves and this gives them something tangible for their effort which they all love.

We don't have photos of the day, that would be inappropriate, but we do have photos of the finished items.  

We are planning on having another class or maybe two in the next school holidays, if you're interested please contact us at or on our Facebook page.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Saturday 07 July 2018

It was our midwinter lunch this meeting and we had a good turnout with some very yummy food brought along to share.  The display table was full too which was lovely to see.

Jocelyn made this dishcloth (I think that's what it is, sorry if I'm wrong); love how the pooling has worked out on this one.

Rachelle has finished a pair of plain socks in self-striping candy coloured yarn

Mandy made this shawl from BFL yarn; gorgeous.

This is also Mandy's work, the yarn is handspun and has hints of other colours in it; impossible to get quite right on the camera unfortunately.

These gorgeous burgundy yarns were spun by Eleanor

This scarf is also Eleanor's work; turned out very nicely.

and another of Eleanor's work, these are even more lovely in real life.

Diane has been spinning again too.

These skeins are Mary Catherine's work, as usual they are very well spun and I'm sure she has a plan for them already.

This scarf is also Mary Catherine's work, she used seersucker stitch to great effect.

Ali made this striped floor rug from guild stash; it should wear very well and is nice and cheerful too.

Sarah knit this lovely wee vest for a baby

and these wee socks are her own pattern.

and this is also Sarah's work, I think it's Romney and the colour makes it look incredibly inviting.

Jan F has been making baby stuff for Pregnancy Help; good timing since this winter is mostly a cold one.

This is also Jan's work, a baby blanket.

Mary Anne brought along her most recent finished shawls, this one is using a speckled yarn and is lovely, she used half linen stitch which has worked really well with this yarn.
and this is a reknit for the yarn (Zealana), the full photo didn't show it to advantage, but the close up gives you a good feel for the flow of the pattern.

Another floor rug, this one is by Kerry and can't fail to cheer you up when you stand on it.

Iris has been testing weaving before making a large project and is understandably happy with this.
That's it for this week, hope to be back next week with more.  If I'm not it's either because I had family commitments or I caught some lurgy that I'd rather not share with everyone else.  Enjoy your winter woollies and the sunshine!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Saturday 23 June 2018

Joanne knit this from her combo-spin and she did the sleeves together before steeking and weaving in an untold number of ends so both sleeves would match; a heroic effort resulting in a gorgeous jersey.

and this is some of Joanne's lace.  They're Bedfordshire bobbin lace from the Thomas Lester collection.

Heather had a piece of weaving left from a scarf that wasn't long enough to make another scarf, so instead this wee kitten was born.

More of Heather's weaving all from the same warp I believe, using different wefts; the 3 bottom ones are floor rugs.

and the bags she made from the original weaving.

Ria had spun this but wasn't happy with the original colour (natural grey/brown) so Mandy dyed it for her in this lovely russet red.
Kerry has been weaving as well, this was to replace a worn out blanket

and Kerry has also been experimenting with the new neon dyes.

Reet knit this blanket using handspun that she plied with a light colour to reduce the intensity of the original fibre.

Jan knit this wee hat from some handspun Polwarth

Ali bought this wooden yarn bowl at Woolfeast; gorgeous!

Margaret dyed this alpaca/silk handspun to a colour closer to what she wanted.

Jan F also went to Woolfeast and came back with patterns and yarn.

I think this was Ria's, can't be sure though.  A lovely handspun hat in any case.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Saturday 2nd June 2018

Next weekend is World Wide Knit in Public Day.  We will be knitting as usual at the guild rooms and also in a pop up in The Atrium in The Tannery. Come and join in!

Ria knit this gorgeous wee set from leftovers and raided the guild's button stash to finish it.  The yarn is polwarth/silk

Rachelle has been dabbling in the past again, this is a wool muff (stuffed with mohair) with a fur cover suitable for 18th and 19th centuries.

Mandy has finished the jersey she was knitting last fortnight, the yarn was overdyed after spinning and is now the same colour as her daughter's car.

Mandy also knit this cabled hat in natural handspun; will keep someone nice and warm this winter.

Iris has been recycling, the purple flashes come from her daughter's favourite shop bought cardigan which she cut up and then combined with corriedale and spun up.

Allie has been to Scotland and bought this lovely scarf (as well as some fibre to spin)

Shirley knit this from Vintage Purls yarn, the colour is so warm!

Rachelle finished these socks for her youngest son, he is now taller with larger feet than anyone else in the family.

Jan F knit these gorgeous mitts with extra long arms, just in time for the cold too.

More of Iris's bulky handspun, this in natural shades.

Jan S finished spinning her Fibre2Go yarn, the colour is more turquoise; the camera was too excited to get the colour right.