Saturday, April 8, 2017

Saturday 8th April 2017

Today was a very busy day, not enough seats at times which is good to see!  Lots of members taking advantage of our wonderful rooms.
As a result the table was very full of wonderful things.  Sit back, make sure you have a cup of tea or coffee.  This could take a little time!

Rachelle has been spinning Haunui for Kate of Heavenly Wools for the Festival later this month.  This one is undyed and is plied with sewing thread with beads on it.
and this one is Haunui and silk in a gradient

Diane has been knitting for Pregnancy Help.  This box full is from just 2 balls of Crucci acrylic yarn

Joanne has been knitting again, this pi-shawl is lovely!

Kerry needed some fingerless mitts, so these were made.

Lynn made this gorgeous wall hanging for a friend of hers

and this tea towel on one of the guild looms

This is also Lynn's work from a workshop at Ashfords.
Meg's tapestry is now framed and ready to be hung on the wall

Heather has been making blankets, a lovely weight to them.

Mary Catherine created this from a range of handspun yarns that she'd made from Anna's fibre, it looks fantastic on too.
Jan F has been making hats, good timing with the way the weather has turned!

Margaret W made this blanket for Pregnancy Help

Isn't this a wonderful little pincushion?  Barbara from the Needleworkers's Guild made this.

Iris has been practicing for her Spinner's Course.

and then she spun thick yarn for a blanket she's working on

Rose has been making soldierly bunting in Otago colours

and Canterbury colours too, very cool!

Somehow I missed finding out who wove these, looking good though.

My camera didn't like this one, suspect it might be a sampler, not sure who again.

Ok, my camera is having a hissy fit here, not sure why.  This photo on my computer looks fine, but for some reason it's a jigsaw when I upload it to Blogger.  Ignore the oddness and admire the lovely yoked jersey Mandy knit from handspun.

Rosalie has been using her inkle loom to make this tape.

I think this is Heather's sampler

and this is definitely Heather's bag, love the subtlety of the colours.
This many coloured shawl is actually cotton and was knit by Ellie
A close up of Holly's baby wrap, viscose weft with merino warp
This is Ellie's as well, a lovely squishy cowl, just in time too!

And finally, this jersey is actually quite a bit deeper in colour, but my cell camera just can't do it justice.  The yarn is probably a light fingering (3-ply) and it's knit by Margaret S for herself. 

Friday, March 31, 2017

Saturday 1 April 2017

Is it just me or is this year getting faster than previous years?   It's hard to believe it's April already!

A fairly quiet day at guild today, but still some lovely items on the table.

This was Meg's, Navajo plied silk if I heard correctly, lovely yarn.

Margaret knit this hat and starched it too, the brim has a wire in the edge to hold its shape.  She learned a lot from it too.

Heather crocheted this from yarn she was given, she dyed some by putting a ball in and turning it over, hence the change in colour.  Very effective.

Barbara's not been in for a while, but she's not wasted her time.  This was a handspun, handknit hat (excuse my feet)

This blanket has been a WIP for 10 years, but is now finished, a good way to use up the boucle she wasn't so keen on.

A shawl from hanspun yarn, this is a very practical shape too.

And another shawl, this is an unusual shape, but a very nice way to show off a handspun yarn too.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saturday 18 March 2017

A relatively quiet day today, still a decent turnout, but less than usual.  I didn't get much spinning done, too busy talking to people!
Pam's been busy spinning all of these.  The bottom 3 are part of  a larger project and all are beautiful!

This is also Pam's and was knit from wool she was given for Christmas, it has a lovely drape to it.

Another of Pam's, this is a cowl in bulky wool done on large needles, I think there may be a drop stitch in there too.

And finally, this is a convertible wrap, knit in some of Pam's handspun and much admired!

Mandy knit this shawl using some Rambouillet yarn imported from America, the pattern is a Kate Davies one.
Ellie knit this unusual hat, it uses a sideways construction, that gives it a different but very nice effect

Ellie also knit this geometric wrap, this is half of it, the second half is a mirror image

Rose has been testing the old dyes we have and has found that although you're not supposed to need to add vinegar they work better when you do, obviously age has affected the ph of the dyes.  The big one in the middle was dyed to recreate the socks in the next photo.

Jan has been spinning, this lovely soft yarn was from some fibre that had been sitting around in the rooms for a while.

Jan F knit this scarf on large needles, the yarn is a mohair, merino and nylon blend.