Sunday, September 13, 2020

Saturday 12 September 2020

 What a lovely day at the guild on Saturday, a good number of people turned out and there were some truly wonderful items on the table.  A few people brought along their bags to show off and to tell the stories that came with them.  No photos of the bags I'm afraid, but the lovely work is a different matter!

Kerry knit this shawl after seeing the one that Mary Catherine did, it sits really well on the shoulders.  The yarn is merino over a nylon core.

Kerry also knit this nice little shawl, once again a practical shape and being garter stitch it'll be extra warm!

Rachelle has been busy knitting Pan, he's modelled after a Gotland sheep and even has a wee tail at the back.

Justine knit her first lace, it has turned out beautifully and was keeping her warm on her way to guild.

Jan F spun this yarn, we think it's Merino, definitely feels like a good yarn for spring.

Jan also knit this wee jersey which is going to charity, will keep some lucky tot nice and warm.

Mandy has been busy with colourwork using Eleanor's new yarn; it's woolen spun and takes dye extremely well!  Woolen spun yarn is better for colourwork as the stitches mesh better and if you're doing a steek less preparation is required as the stitches don't let go of eachother.

This is Eleanor's new yarn, very yummy.  Another property of woolen spun yarn is that it is warmer than worsted and lighter weight.

This is also Mandy's work, in handspun I think.

Heather has been making scarves, this is the first one, the second is on the needles.

Margaret L has been busy too, aren't those pearls gorgeous!

Another piece by Margaret, this one was in the naughter corner for some time, but has emerged and will keep her nice and warm next winter.

Jan S knit this from alpaca, so soft!

This is Phillipa's first lace, she knit it from Eleanor's yarn and Eleanor blocked it for her.  It is stunning and she now has no excuses for not trying something new.
As a result of Phillipa's shawl we are now looking at doing an information session on blocking, no details yet, but it's something that we feel will be useful to learn for those who don't already have the skill set.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Saturday 23rd August 2020

 Well, back to level 2 which didn't make a huge difference for us as we never go over 100 people in our meetings anyway.  We did have a Q code to scan for the Covid Tracer App for The Tannery and a sign in sheet as well.  Hugs were also off the menu.

Aside from that it was a good day, not many people as most had gone to Glentui which is a small annual spinning escape near Oxford.

Now I may not get everything right here for the display items as the show and tell didn't happen as it normally does.

Gloves by me (Rachelle) for my eldest son when he's cycling to school in the cold.  Yarn is from Skeinz and the pattern is by a NZ designer and is called Louis.

The first Christmas bauble of the year also by me, donated to the guild for fundraising.  All yarn from Skeinz and the pattern is called Sheep Balls and is available to purchase on Raverly.  The stuffing is also wool fibre.

Socks knit from leftover yarn but I can't remember who knit them

Cheryl G has been felting, this is for her weaving gear

This is a close up of her latest weaving

Spinning and slippers, can't remember who from for this either.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Saturday 01 August 2020

Jan F made this very cute baby hat from a single ball of yarn

Kerry made these mitts from yarn she dyed that wasn't working out for weaving

This super cute wee lamb was crocheted by Rosemary

Samples of some of the fleeces bought at the Amberly Black and Coloured Sheep event
Eleanor spun this merino/bison and then overdyed it this gorgeous blue.

An example of punis made on a blending board

And Lincoln wool hand combed and made into nests ready to spin

Nostepinnes turned by Peter from wood donated by Mihoko

Justine has been spinning leftovers

And making dolls of the family, more are in the planning stages

And learning to felt this lovely work bag

Each side is unique.

Jan F also knit this lovely scarf and did an i-cord for the beginning and end which took it to the next level.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Saturday 18th July 2020

Another lovely day at the guild, everyone was very busy catching up with eachother.

Some upcoming dates to be aware of:

31/07/20 Amberley fleece sale
09/08/20 Sunday dye day, let Mandy or Lyn know if you're coming.
19/08/20 Wednesday spinning day at the guild, details will be in the newsletter.  There will also be some information on sourdough.

Now it's time for the new work to be given it's moment in the limelight.
Rachelle's work for the week.  Top is Shetland from a sheep called Comet, turquoise is Kate's merino, navy barber pole is Sandra Dain's dyeing, silver is from Eleanor's polwarth/silk Starcrest Farm, blue is a merino/bamboo blend from Fiber Optics in the USA and the gold is more of Kate's in Old Gold (Haunui/silk).  The hat is the Pirate's Life pattern and is knit from leftovers.

Ria knit this scarf from alpaca, it has beautiful drape.
Joanne has been busy spinning and knitting too.  The two cowl are handspun and the pattern is Crofter's Cowl.  The top two handspun yarns are both by Kate from Heavenly Wools (Orchard Long Run and Slightly Peculiar 2) and the bottom one is Anna's in Polwarth/silk

Diane C knit this cute wee bunny from a kit that Sandra was destashing.

Kerry has been busy spinning too, this is a Romney

Rosemary has made this colourful blanket and used grey handspun to put the squares together.  The fish was a first go at the pattern and was quite successful.

Margaret felted this bag in a class last week

And this one is Phillipa's from the same class.

Phillipa also knit these very bright socks from some of the sock yarn dyed by the guild for fundraising.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Saturday 11 July 2020

It was our Mid-Winter Christmas lunch and we had a presentation from Christine about social media as well; a very busy day!

Rachelle finished her cardigan, aside from buttons.  The pattern is Fox Crossing by Owl Cat Knits

and some socks in yarn from Canada in the Jaywalker pattern

This is a cowl in Rachelle's handspun bamboo, the pattern is called Simple Yet Effective by TinCan Knits

Also Rachelle's this handspun was dyed by Anna Harris and is a 2 ply yarn.

This lovely shawl is a great contrast to the grey days we've been having, Mandy is going to really feel happy wearing it.  The pattern is Juneberry and the yarn is handspun and hand dyed polwarth

Jan F has been busy knitting with Wollmeise yarn, the pattern is Nagarathea

Diane S snuck in some dyeing of silk top at the last dye day; turned out very well.

Ali dyed this yarn from an oatmeal colour after undoing it from its original project; should be much more her colour now.

Janet has been spinning, this colour isn't quite right, it's more wisteria in shade.

Mihoko has been knitting for charity, some very lucky wee person is going to be very happy.

This block is also Mihoko's work, lovely lace.