Thursday, May 19, 2011

Updates, finally!

After a busy few months I've finally managed to get a few things updated. Firstly, the calendar is now functional and up to date with when and where we're meeting (just click on the calendar tab).

The short version is as follows:
We have no permanent home at the moment, but have been meeting at various members houses on Saturdays. We intend to meet at the Parklands Baptist Hall, 180 Queenspark Drive, Queenspark on the second Saturday of every month, where we will also be kicking off our fibre studies again.

On the 11th of July we would love to see what people have made from alpaca (the fibre we looked at in February!), and start looking at silk.

Other Saturday meetings will continue to be held at people's houses, if you are interested and need any contact details please ask at

We also have casual get-togethers at midday Monday at the Gardens Cafe, Marshlands Road, and from 3pm Friday at Esquires Northwood

The gear we had stored at the Shirley Community Centre has been reacquired, but the majority of our library and equipment is still in the arts centre. But despite everything, we are still going strong, and would welcome anyone who wants to come and see what we do!