Monday, December 24, 2012

Friday, December 14, 2012

A Lovely Gathering!

There was a great turnout and most people brought one or more items to display from the years work.   There were a lot of shawls made from the Annis pattern off   The food as expected was lovely and everyone had a great time
A selection of the lovely works on display.  A Tardis shawl for a Doctor Who fan, some lovely weaving, a Winter Wonderland Coat, many socks and shawls as well.    Well done to all our members who've displayed some amazing skills this year.
The cake was cut by Meg, thank-you.
Was lovely to see everyone again, we always get a good turnout on these occasions including members who often can't get to the normal meetings.  To everyone who was there and those who couldn't make it, have a lovely Christmas, appreciate your loved ones whether they can be with you or not and have a lovely New Year too.  We'll see you again on 5th January at St Marks in Opawa Rd.

We're expecting a busy year next year with high hopes of a permanent home for the guild and the Wool Yarns and Fibres shop, as well as a theme for the year of "Inspiration".   Think on what gives you inspiration, do you take your inspiration from your fibre/yarn, your environment or is there something else that makes you want to create?   Keep a journal. Personally I'm feeling inspired by the lovely works I saw today!

All photo's taken by Rachelle, are copyrighted and are only available for use by guild members.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Lunch

Tomorrow is the guild's Christmas lunch which is being held at St Marks on Withells Rd, Avonhead.   Bring a plate of food for sharing, a plate, mug and cutlery for yourself and what you've been working on this year.  
Please if you worked on the Fibres That Glisten and Gleam challenge this year bring that along, as well as your journals for the year to display.
I'm afraid I didn't journal, but I did work on the challenge and have a sample page from that.   I'll have to try harder next year.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Wingspan?

Not sure if that's the right pattern, but if not it's something very similar.
Knit by Pauline from some of Anna Harris' yarn.
Not much else to take photo's of this weekend, everyone seems to be mid-project.   Janet's working on a chevron skirt in greens, I'm working on a green shawl and most other people seemed to be busily spinning a variety of colours and preparations.  I think everyone's getting ready to display their work at the Christmas lunch on December 15th at St Marks in Withells Rd, Avonhead.   I'm certainly looking forward to it, will be very interesting to see what everyone else has done with their mohair.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

10th November

So good to get back to the guild today.  It was the monthly meeting which went well, plans in place for the Christmas lunch at St Marks in Withells Rd, Avonhead on Saturday 15th December.   We've got the extra room booked just like we did for the midwinter Christmas so it should be a lovely day. 

Today was a good turnout, I counted 22 people and Anna Harris was there to supply our fibre habit.   I'm afraid I succumbed, but I certainly wasn't the only one by a long shot!
The yarn pile

Merino/silk at the front, Merino at the back

More yarn, yummy!
It'll be a while before we see her again as she's got lots of cruise ships to meet at Akaroa.

On the display table we had beautiful work once again.
Eleanor's Annis shawl

Detail of the beading on Annis

Some lovely natural wool yarn


double layer hat, reversible

My Orchid Thief shawlette

handspun yarns, all lovely

machine knit gloves and lovely blanket

Pat's beautiful blanket, all in natural yarns

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Using a Diz

I've decided that when I can't get to the guild for a few weeks, and therefore have no pretty pictures to show off that I'll take a few photo's of a technique I'm using and post that.

This week I'm focusing on using a diz to get dyed top ready to spin.   A diz is more often used to take fibre off combs, or sometimes a drumcarder but I also find it very handy for fluffing things up in already prepped fibre.

This is the starting fiber, 100g of Wabi Sabi Merino/Nylon in the Buttercup colourway
Apologies for the feet, apparently they wanted into the photo.

I use the Majacraft diz, normally I use the middle size hole, but as I'm spinning fine for socks I chose the smallest hole.  I attenuate the fibre on the concave side before pulling on it gently and the diz keeps the fibres aligned as I go; the original fibre is on the concave side of the diz, the attenuated fibre that's been pulled through is on the convex side (to the right).    You can see that it's finer and also less dense.    You don't want to pull too hard as if you do the fibres drift apart and then you don't have a continuous supply when spinning.  Mine broke in 3 places, which is actually not too bad.
In the past I used to just pull the fibres in my hands which made it easier to spin than trying from the unprepped fibre, but this is even easier to spin from and makes the spinning go faster too.

The resulting pile of attenuated fibre, all ready for spinning.
After it's all done then I loosely wind it up in a big fluffy ball so it's ready to go and then hide it from my fibre fiend of a cat.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Very busy today

I totally forgot the camera so no shots of the lovelies on display I'm afraid.   Several of us brought along our work from Creative Fibre Correspondence Courses and shared what we thought of the courses with everyone.   The end result seems to be we all enjoyed them and got a lot out of them; if you have the chance it's worth signing up.
I'm currently debating whether I should sign up for the Design course, but we're going to be very busy with work on our property so not sure if I can fit it in yet.

I won't be at the guild next week, so no post then I'm afraid.

We're still waiting on news for The Tannery, so no progress there at the moment

I also wanted to say thank-you to Pauline for her donation of magazines and books to the guild and also Berry Spinners and Weavers over in Australia for their very generous donation.   We really do appreciate it.

I'll post some photo's of past projects to make up for the lack today

Saturday, September 29, 2012

A lovely spring day

and all the spinners (and knitters) came out to play!   Well, not all of them, a few are I believe having fun in Melbourne and some were busy elsewhere, but we had a really good turnout with some lovely finished items to show off.
Demelza shawl by Joanne

Epsom shawl by Joanne and Annis by Eleanor

Detail from the Annis shawl, love the beads!

Lilac handspun
Anna Harris was there again, I bought some Merino this time, I have a particular project in mind though, I need 300g of laceweight for a particular cardigan.
See that gap on the left?  That's where my red was, a few other people did enhance their stash as well, not just me.
And finally I thought you'd all like to see a selection of what people are spinning at the moment.   I might take in progress knitting photo's next time, we'll see.
Some of Anna Harris' fibre in progress


an action shot

beautiful Merino

More Merino/silk, not sure if it's Anna's or not but it's lovely

Natural wool

More natural wool, this is being spun from the lock

Natural white, much potential here.
Well, that's it for this week, next week we're at St Marks in Opawa Road.   I'm hoping I might be spinning then, this week I have a sore knee so did knitting instead.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Area Open Day

Today we were meeting at the Hei Hei Community Centre for the Area Open Day.  There was a good turnout.   Unfortunately I forgot the good camera despite having noted it on the diary.

Today's photo's as a result are all from my cellphone.
Wabi Sabi Fibres all the way from Wellington

More Wabi Sabi, I bought the yellow one

I think this was Brenel Alpacas

Spindle and Needlefelting tables

Another have-a-go table

Brenel Alpacas yarns

Weaving demonstration

Felting baby booties using potatoes - demonstration.

Heavenly Wools

Margaret Ruck's coloured wools stall

Anna Harris' lovely Merino's

Wigram Spinners

Mostly baby clothes

Finished demo squares from the Shirley Seed workshop.
It was a really good day, I left early, but lots of people were still there having fun while knitting, spinning, felting or purchasing.

In other news I thought everyone would like to know all our possessions have been removed from the Arts Centre and are now in storage waiting for new premises; everything seems to be in good condition which is wonderful!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Picture time

Dianne's latest spinning

Mary Catherine's dyeing

Some lovely socks from Anna Harris' fibre

Rachelle's spinning and socks

Mary Catherine's latest shawl

Today's group; it started slow but was quite a large group by lunch.