Friday, January 20, 2012

Gap Filler Event

The guild went to take part in this today.  When I arrived there it was very windy, cloudy and not all that warm so a group of us decided to take refuge in the mall behind the sandwich stall; we asked if it was ok and they very graciously said yes.  Ann Field spoke to one of the cleaners who managed to contact mall management who also ok'd us being there as long as the business we were next to was alright with it.

We had a good time spinning in there in the warm while quite a few passersby had a wee look at what we were doing.  Some asked questions, a few took brochures and many children were absolutely fascinated.   We had a good range of wheels as well as different fibres that were being spun or plied which I think made it more interesting for those who stopped to watch.
The empty chair on the left is mine; I had to use my cellphone to take the photo so it wasn't the best shot ever.

Outside were some hardy souls who were also spinning or knitting. There wasn't any foot traffic there, but once the sun came out it was quite pleasant.  Unfortunately the wind didn't drop very much.  This photo was taken by Jan R.
There were more people outside than in.  The field they were using was part of the old school that used to stand there and there were some beautiful wildflowers growing there.   We are hoping that the council might consider that space for building a complex for fibre arts in the future to act as a drawcard for visitors and locals alike.

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