Friday, February 3, 2012

A lovely day

Today the guild met at St Marks Church on Opawa Rd.   The church itself is now fenced off; this is a new development since the quake on 23rd December 2011.  The building we meet in is still safe though which is good; we've lost enough meeting places already.
The church; it looks like the main problem is roofing tiles coming off; the walls actually look pretty good

The walkway to our building; far enough from the church to be safe.

The carpark and front  room; we meet in the back room of this building.
It started off fairly quiet, but by lunchtime the room was fairly busy and there was a lot of fibre and knitting on display.  I'm afraid that I didn't get any photo's of everyone's work; I was too busy spinning and talking to remember!
I may have other photo's to post later of people's work; Jan loaned me a couple of flash drives for me to take some photo's off from previous meetings.   Our guild members do make some wonderful things from their craft.   Today as an example there was a beautiful vest from one of the ladies, the socks I had finished the previous day, some lovely yarn and a shawl.  Most people were spinning today, but Mary-Catherine had the most gorgeous shawl she was working on; it was gradiant dyed yarn running from deep purple through red and pink.

Next Saturday the meeting is at the same site as today and the committee is meeting as well.  I'm afraid there won't be a post from that day though as I have another commitment and cannot be there.

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