Saturday, March 31, 2012

Another lovely get-together

We met at St Marks on Withells Rd again, not as many people as last week, but a couple of people who don't come along that often and one visitor which was lovely.   Once again I forgot the good camera so all the photos I took are on my cellphone; my cellphone doesn't much like low light conditions.
Anne has finished her Kimono style cardigan; well, there is one bit to go but we all agreed it looked fantastic as is!

A lovely shawl; the owner preferred to stay out of shot, but did a great job of displaying this beauty.

Chapter 9 for Anne Field's current book in progress; lovely woven cushions

The results from a dye day earlier in the week using some new dye colours on a grey base; lovely and muted.
Next week is a bit different, with it being Easter we can't get any church halls so the Thursday night meeting is cancelled and Saturday is a Gap Filler at The Colombo Mall in Sydenham; usual time of 10am till 2pm.  Don't park in the mall carpark as it's monitored and you'll get towed; instead park across the road on the old Sydenham school site.   I'm looking forward to it, it's always nice to spin in public; lots of people stop and look, some ask questions; children tend to be fascinated and we've had the odd cellphone picture taken in the past.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A visitor on a busy day

Today we were at St Marks in Avonhead again and it was probably just as well.   The turnout today was really high and everyone was in good spirits.   We had a visit from Wilson who is our new Area Delegate and he was impressed by our turnout too.   He's very interested in communication and also increasing membership; which we are also interested in so that should work out well.   I told him about some of our initiatives to increase our profile in the community including spinning in malls, teaching spinning at my local school and the fact that we're now on Twitter and Facebook.   His enthusiasm will be an asset I think.

Anne Field who is the Area Education person told us about a few things that are planned for the next year or so too.  There's going to be a tutor this year for embellishment, a weekend for looking at Alpaca fibre from animal to garment and at least one "give it a go" day where members of the public can come and try various fibre crafts.  I think it's going to be a good year and there are several people who've volunteered for the public day which is good to see.

We also had the opportunity to get fibre for this years challenge of "Fibres that glisten and gleam".  A wee bag with 50g of carded mohair and a small amount of raw mohair.   Those who take up the challenge are expected to document what they do with it.   I am still ruminating on what I'll do with it, but as I do have some more mohair here I can possibly do a bit more.   I'm considering dyeing it and maybe doing something with silk as well; I've got plenty of undyed silk to play with.

I took a few photos today of people working on things too; forgot the real camera so my apologies for the images not being high quality; cellphones aren't the best for fibre related photography.

Anne Field working on her Origami Pullover (or is it a very long lap blanket?)

Joanne's Merino/Silk being plied.

Wheel in extreme motion!  See the blur on the feet and bobbin?

Some lovely finished items.  3 pairs of socks and a gorgeous scarf.  The socks are in Naturally Waikiwi yarn and Opal; both make wonderful socks, and they're pretty too.
That's it for this week, see you all next Saturday.   Don't forget there's a Coffee and Knitting session at the Gardens Cafe from 12pm - 2pm on Monday

Friday, March 16, 2012

New Venue

We met for the first time at St Marks church on Withells Rd in Avonhead today.   It's quite a large venue, rather nice too.  We had another committee meeting about The Tannery which was interesting.   More details to come when things are more definite, we're still working on which size room we'll go for and that depends on the lease offer.
As I was in that meeting I didn't get to see a lot of what people were doing, but I have taken a couple of photos.
A beautiful shawl by Paula , the photo does not do it justice.  It's from Suri Alpaca which was hand-dyed and handspun before being knit into this glorious item.   It feels divine!
A pair of socks using Cat Bordhi's Sweet Tomato heel which is a short-row heel and a fairly new technique. Mary Catherine knit these.

A zipped vest that I knit for my son as a test knit for a designer; not handspun but definitely handknit.

The next raffle prize; there is carbonised bamboo, silk (I think) and some yummy fudge.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Committee meeting today

So we were busy with that rather than spinning and knitting.   We discussed the proposed new premises, there have been some roadblocks there but I won't go into that at the moment, things could still work out as originally expected.   Many thanks to Sue and her team for doing all of this for our group.   We voted a small thank-you be organised for Sue as she's put a lot of her time into this.
Julia is organising some fibre packages for our theme this year, so there's going to be some Leicester and silk and other shiny fibres in there for us to experiment with; should be great fun!

The monthly raffle is changing slightly; definitely for the better.  Joanne and Paula are noting what each item is and who donated it so the person who wins knows.  They're also wrapping it nicely and including a wee fudgy item as a bonus; yum!

Publicity - the contract for our display day at Riccarton Mall arrived yesterday so I took that in for our President to peruse and sign if it is suitable, it's not something I had the authority to sign, but I'm glad I got it underway.   It'll be Weavers and Spinners guild only and is being held in May; more details to come once forms are signed.

Next week I should have photo's again so the blog will be pretty.   I just picked up a flash drive so we can have all our photos in one place, rather than strewn all through my hard drive.   It'll make it much easier to find specific photos.

Next week is at St Marks in Avonhead on Withells Rd; it'll be our first time there.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Things are moving along

As you know for the last year we've been operating out of various church halls with no storage for our library or sales table.  Most of our supplies are still in the Arts Centre and are unfortunately likely to be in there for at least another 3 years.   We've been frantically looking for new premises (well, a small group of people have, thanks to Sue and Gail and everyone else who's been helping there) but most that are suitable sizewise are well and truly beyond our budget.   We are looking with another guild; the Embroiderers guild as with both groups we can afford a larger space with our pooled resources.  Last night a new committee was approved by both groups to negotiate a room at The Tannery in Woolston.   It's a more industrial area, but the owners are converting it to a art and craft centre with cafes as well.   They're really keen to get groups like ours in and the rent while more than we were paying at the Arts Centre is something we can afford as a combined group.   The new committee will be going to get a lease proposal and if it works out we'll have somewhere to go in the future!  Best part, it's on bus routes and plenty of parking is available.
Once everything's finalised I'll let you know, and we'll be then changing our focus to getting grants to set up things like a kitchen area, heating, carpeting etc.   It's given us hope for the future.  We certainly do appreciate the premises we've been able to hire while hunting for a permanent home, those venues have been wonderful to us, but we've always wanted our own place.

Today's display table had some lovely items on it
A toddler sized hand-dyed, hand-spun, machine knitted square neck jumper by Heather Phillips.   The colour was more tealy than is apparent in this photo.  A beautiful piece of work.

Carol Hyndman created this beautiful jewelery set from the 2011 challenge fibre.  There are 2 pairs of earrings, a necklace and a felted brooch.

Sandra Dain spun and handknit this lovely jumper for a pre-schooler; the colour was more brown than in the photo.

Mary Catherine spun this silk on a spindle and then Navajo plied it for a lovely skein or three.   Her work as always is impeccable.

Next week is our committee meeting, hopefully I'll have more news from that regarding future events.  There gap-filler event this month on a Sunday rather than the usual Saturday; the 18th March if I remember correctly at Deans Bush amongst the quilters work.    Here's hoping the weather is better than it is today.