Friday, March 9, 2012

Committee meeting today

So we were busy with that rather than spinning and knitting.   We discussed the proposed new premises, there have been some roadblocks there but I won't go into that at the moment, things could still work out as originally expected.   Many thanks to Sue and her team for doing all of this for our group.   We voted a small thank-you be organised for Sue as she's put a lot of her time into this.
Julia is organising some fibre packages for our theme this year, so there's going to be some Leicester and silk and other shiny fibres in there for us to experiment with; should be great fun!

The monthly raffle is changing slightly; definitely for the better.  Joanne and Paula are noting what each item is and who donated it so the person who wins knows.  They're also wrapping it nicely and including a wee fudgy item as a bonus; yum!

Publicity - the contract for our display day at Riccarton Mall arrived yesterday so I took that in for our President to peruse and sign if it is suitable, it's not something I had the authority to sign, but I'm glad I got it underway.   It'll be Weavers and Spinners guild only and is being held in May; more details to come once forms are signed.

Next week I should have photo's again so the blog will be pretty.   I just picked up a flash drive so we can have all our photos in one place, rather than strewn all through my hard drive.   It'll make it much easier to find specific photos.

Next week is at St Marks in Avonhead on Withells Rd; it'll be our first time there.

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