Friday, April 13, 2012

Moving forward

First up no spinning Saturday 28th April due to the event in Blenheim meaning that too many people won't be in Christchurch.  Have fun everyone!

We've started getting things back to normal for the guild recently.   We're starting to have displays in public again; the next is at Riccarton Mall on May 19th.  This should be good, it's a very large mall with a huge amount of foot-traffic so should be excellent public exposure for us.   At this point we're looking at probably 10 people with wheels and will have brochures to hand out to anyone who's interested.   It's not quite the same as sitting outside our rooms in the Arts Centre, but in some ways may well be more appropriate to our modern world.  Considering how much fun the impromptu session we had at The Colombo a few months back was, I'm really looking forward to it.

The week before we're going to do a "have a go" session doing some drumcarding.  This sort of thing has fallen by the wayside due to all our gear being in the Arts Centre still.   Paula, Joanne and I had discussed the possibility of doing something and today in the committee meeting Julia asked if people would be interested in seeing demonstrations of new techniques one or two times a month (I think it was Julia, apologies if I've remembered incorrectly) and I mentioned that we'd been thinking about the drumcarding.   As a result the first Saturday in May we'll be having a go; several of us have our own drumcarders so those who do will bring them along.   Mine will be coming and later we can try other things.   I have combs, they're not quite as pretty as the ones stuck in the old building, but they should work just as well so that's another technique we can "have a go" at.   I can see a few other things too; if anyone has thoughts on this just let me know.   We have a couple of spindle spinners who I'm hoping might be persuaded to show us a few things, and some art-yarn spinning would be nice to see as well.

It was also decided that we will have a midwinter Christmas lunch at the Cashmere Club.  Details to come in the newsletter; should be good though, the Christmas one was fantastic!

Today we celebrated Jan R's birthday with a lunch where everyone brought something to eat; some lovely food and the birthday girl seemed to enjoy her celebration.
The cake was cut by all the ladies who are having a big "0" birthday this year; I'll let them keep which "0" they're having to themselves though.

All that Glistens and Gleams is this years theme and looks like it's getting off to a good start with about 11 bags of fibre sold in the previous week.   There are still more available though and at $5 a bag with that money going to the guild it's well worth getting.   I've spun my Mohair from the bag and really love the result; just have to knit it up now.   Really looking forward to everyone's take on this theme; it was amazing the different things people came up with from last years bag.    Some people are thinking about blending their Mohair with another fibre and of course next month's drumcarding session would be the perfect time to give that a go.

Before I go, a couple of photo's of the loveliness that was on the display table today
2 beautiful yarn skeins at the top, an Annis shawl and Anne Field's Kimono style jacket.

The Kimono style jacket on the left, top is a pair of mitts that had just been cast off today, my Mohair singles yarn on bottom right, and my 3-ply Merino/Silk/Alpaca/Mohair yarn on the bottom left.

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