Sunday, May 27, 2012

No photo's

Saturday just gone I was simply there to relax and spin so I didn't take any cameras with me.   It was a nice relaxing day where I filled 3 bobbins in the company of other people who were also busy filling bobbins.  Sometimes it's nice just simply to be and to spin.
There was some lovely yarn happening and Mary Catherine brought some very nice books in for people to look at.
I will try to be more informative next weekend which will be at St Marks in Opawa Rd, there will be a demonstration of spinning using a spindle.   The following Saturday after that (9th June) is the Area Open Day which is being held at St Margarets Church Hall, Farrington St, Bishopdale from 9.30am till 2.30pm.  There will be demonstrations of spinning, needle felting, flax flowers and birds nest spinning.  Opawa won't be available this day so come along to St Margarets instead.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Riccarton Mall

Our day at Riccarton Mall, thanks to Lesley from the mall admin team and also the guys who helped us get sorted at the beginning, unfortunately I didn't get their names.   We had a wonderful day, lots of people who showed interest in what we were doing and some who were interested in learning as well.
Many children took a closer look and some went home with bits of fibre which they definitely appreciated.
There were quite a few photographs taken, several by international visitors so I suspect we'll get our 15 seconds of fame.   We definitely succeeded in raising our profile and I loved hearing many of the parents explaining what we were doing to their children; most of them had the details correct even if the terminology was sometimes slightly different from what we normally use.

I really hope we'll get to do this sort of thing more in the future; spinning in public is such good publicity and gives us opportunities to introduce more people to the wonderful world of spinning.

We are:  Heather, Rachelle (me), Pat, Sandra, Mary Catherine and Janet.  

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Superquick post

Last weekend was festival and quite a few of our members went and it sounds like they had a wonderful time.   Unfortunately I don't have a lot of detail but I know there was a silk weaving course and a flax weaving course as well as the usual opportunities to buy fibre that called your name.   I'll see if I can get some photo's and more detail later.

Today we had our usual meeting, a wee bit about Riccarton Mall in a fortnight; 6 of us will be there from 10am till 2pm demonstrating which will be fun and I hope inspiring to the public who see us.   My thanks to Lesley at the mall for helping me organise it.

As well as the usual for our Saturday get together we also spent some time doing a drum carder demonstration.   Several of us took carders and I demonstrated using mine with some Gotland, Mohair, and glitz to produce a lovely batt (which I then left behind).   It went really well I think, everyone got something out of it and a few people had a go afterwards and of course questions about carding were answered as well.
I took the carder and what I consider to be the tools that I need to use with it.  The batt picker, the carder cleaning brush, a wallpaper brush for pushing the batt down and the sushi roller for taking the batt off in one piece.  The two main points that came out of it were to go slow, and to make sure you don't overload the carder; if you can't see the wood through the fibre then it's overloaded, also make sure it's teased open before loading too.   I will definitely do this again if people want another go; it's great fun!
I hope those who made batts will show us the finished spinning.   No photo's I'm afraid as I was disorganised and forgot my camera and the cellphone!