Sunday, June 24, 2012

Alpaca Spinning Course

This weekend Anne Field was running a course on spinning alpaca out at Southern Alpacas.   I warn you, this post will be picture heavy as I took quite a few shots of the farm's fluffy population as well as a few of the actual class.

We got to feed and pet the alpacas, helped to skirt a blanket, saw where they get shorn and of course were exposed to the merchandise in the room we used; I think a few of us took home some extra fibre aside from that supplied for the course; I certainly did!  The weather cooperated really well too, our first fine days for a while and the first day was even quite warm.

The course itself was well worth doing.   We did 5 different mini-skeins of yarn and used a different technique for each one.   1 true worsted in prep and spinning.  A semi-worsted which was woollen prep and worsted spun, a semi-woollen which was worsted prep (flick carded) and woollen spun, a true woollen and a final skein from hand-carded alpaca/silk which we spun with whichever technique we wanted.

I was really happy with my true worsted and semi-worsted, reasonably happy with my woollen and alpaca/silk which I also spun woollen; not at all happy with my semi-woollen which looked like something I could have pulled out of the drain.    Many people had more success with their semi-woollen than I did though so don't let my result put you off!

And now, what you've all been waiting for, the photos

The room we were using prior to it filling with people

Two Cria (baby alpaca)

One of the female alpaca being fed

Our group feeding the alpaca

One of the stud males, was fairly friendly.

The blanket we helped skirt; this one had got wet before shearing so was perfect for us to play with

Black male stud, there was female with a cria this colour as well, but she wouldn't get close enough for a good shot

They loved the mound the brown lady is standing on, taking turns to stand up there and look around

Our worsted and semi-worsted skeins drying

Busy spinning!

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