Saturday, July 14, 2012

Beautiful Work

Yesterday was a good day at the guild.  First we had a committee meeting which went well.  Another application for funding has been sent off and received, fingers crossed we get it as it would help us set up for teaching children when we get premises again.  If anyone knows of other places we can apply for grants we'd really appreciate it!

There was some lovely work on the display table as usual, as well as some on the wheels as well.  I've not taken photo's of what's on wheels, but the table was a different matter.
I think the black item in the top left corner was by Raewyn, it's a lovely choker and looked fantastic on.  The teal yarn is by Dianne as is the bronze and burgundy shawl, both beautiful work.  The red and blue as well as the mauve and fluffy hat was Fran's work, a wonderful way to combine hand-spun and commercial yarn.  The pink was Mary Catherine's, she was plying that last week and it's gorgeous.  The purple cowl was by Pauline and although she's not happy with it I think it's lovely.  I think the beige alpaca was Rose's work, but I'm terrible on names so I could be wrong.  It is a lovely spin though and very soft.

This month's raffle prize is a skein of yarn from Sherlin Alpaca's and a project bag; I'm pretty sure the bag is Joanne's work, well worth buying a ticket for that.
Next Saturday we're having our midwinter Christmas dinner at St Marks in Withells Rd, Avonhead.   Bring a plate of food as well as your own utensils and mug.   Should be a great day, as well as our normal room we have the one next door for the food; no carpet on the floor in that room for easy clean up.  We look forward to seeing everyone there.

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