Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mid-Winter Christmas Lunch

We had an excellent turnout today, many people I've not seen for some time, in some cases I haven't seen them since we were still in the Arts Centre.  It was lovely to see everyone and I know everyone had a good time.  
Everyone's talking!

Moving around to talk to people was the order of the day

The fibre selection, some beautiful stuff there as usual

Anna's yarn for sale which included four ply and laceweight.
We all brought a plate and the food was delicious!   No photo's of that I'm afraid, I was too busy partaking to take photo's.    I did take a few of the earlier arrivals though and of Anna's fibre selection, there was more fibre, but by then it had new owners.

I don't know how many people got a reasonable amount of spinning done, we were all too busy chatting and catching up with eachother which has much to recommend it.

A few things to show off though
Raewyn was putting the finishing touches in this woven scarf; lovely work as usual

A range of finished items, the lovely socks were from hand-dyed yarn and reminded us of Monet's Waterlilies, the little jersey from natural wools was an excellent example of why we love to use undyed, handspun yarn so much.   The purple jacket on the left wasn't quite finished but was lovely, especially considering the pattern had a few errors.   The blue yarn was my Alpaca/Silk and feels very nice.  The brown/black with flecks was Mary Catherine's work, one a shawl and the other a mobius, combining a novelty yarn with some Alpaca.
 Next Saturday we're at St Marks in Withells Rd from 10am till 2pm, do please come and join us!

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