Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Little Sunshine

We got a little sunshine today which was lovely, it meant that the room we were using was nice and warm so beautiful for spinning.   The other room was in use for a workshop with Shirley Seed which was being enjoyed by a number of people.   Shirley is an embellishment and felting teacher and today she was teaching the embellishment skills.    I didn't get any photo's as she wasn't there when I popped in at lunchtime.   She does have a page on the Creative Fibre website though.  Well worth a look!

On our display table there was once again some lovely work:
Handspun yarns

Lovely shawls and yarn.   

Some collapse weave (top left) and another lovely shawl

More handspun and a couple of nice commercial yarns being shown off.

Slightly fuzzy, but you can see the collection of wheels, and the sunshine!
Anna Harris was there again today and reduced her stock of fibre.   I bought two bumps of Merino/Silk and finished the first one; yummy as usual.  It was a great day, lovely company and some beautiful spinning and knitting.

Next week is at St Marks in Withells Rd from 10am till 2pm; would love to see you there!

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