Saturday, September 29, 2012

A lovely spring day

and all the spinners (and knitters) came out to play!   Well, not all of them, a few are I believe having fun in Melbourne and some were busy elsewhere, but we had a really good turnout with some lovely finished items to show off.
Demelza shawl by Joanne

Epsom shawl by Joanne and Annis by Eleanor

Detail from the Annis shawl, love the beads!

Lilac handspun
Anna Harris was there again, I bought some Merino this time, I have a particular project in mind though, I need 300g of laceweight for a particular cardigan.
See that gap on the left?  That's where my red was, a few other people did enhance their stash as well, not just me.
And finally I thought you'd all like to see a selection of what people are spinning at the moment.   I might take in progress knitting photo's next time, we'll see.
Some of Anna Harris' fibre in progress


an action shot

beautiful Merino

More Merino/silk, not sure if it's Anna's or not but it's lovely

Natural wool

More natural wool, this is being spun from the lock

Natural white, much potential here.
Well, that's it for this week, next week we're at St Marks in Opawa Road.   I'm hoping I might be spinning then, this week I have a sore knee so did knitting instead.

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