Sunday, October 28, 2012

Using a Diz

I've decided that when I can't get to the guild for a few weeks, and therefore have no pretty pictures to show off that I'll take a few photo's of a technique I'm using and post that.

This week I'm focusing on using a diz to get dyed top ready to spin.   A diz is more often used to take fibre off combs, or sometimes a drumcarder but I also find it very handy for fluffing things up in already prepped fibre.

This is the starting fiber, 100g of Wabi Sabi Merino/Nylon in the Buttercup colourway
Apologies for the feet, apparently they wanted into the photo.

I use the Majacraft diz, normally I use the middle size hole, but as I'm spinning fine for socks I chose the smallest hole.  I attenuate the fibre on the concave side before pulling on it gently and the diz keeps the fibres aligned as I go; the original fibre is on the concave side of the diz, the attenuated fibre that's been pulled through is on the convex side (to the right).    You can see that it's finer and also less dense.    You don't want to pull too hard as if you do the fibres drift apart and then you don't have a continuous supply when spinning.  Mine broke in 3 places, which is actually not too bad.
In the past I used to just pull the fibres in my hands which made it easier to spin than trying from the unprepped fibre, but this is even easier to spin from and makes the spinning go faster too.

The resulting pile of attenuated fibre, all ready for spinning.
After it's all done then I loosely wind it up in a big fluffy ball so it's ready to go and then hide it from my fibre fiend of a cat.

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