Monday, December 24, 2012

Friday, December 14, 2012

A Lovely Gathering!

There was a great turnout and most people brought one or more items to display from the years work.   There were a lot of shawls made from the Annis pattern off   The food as expected was lovely and everyone had a great time
A selection of the lovely works on display.  A Tardis shawl for a Doctor Who fan, some lovely weaving, a Winter Wonderland Coat, many socks and shawls as well.    Well done to all our members who've displayed some amazing skills this year.
The cake was cut by Meg, thank-you.
Was lovely to see everyone again, we always get a good turnout on these occasions including members who often can't get to the normal meetings.  To everyone who was there and those who couldn't make it, have a lovely Christmas, appreciate your loved ones whether they can be with you or not and have a lovely New Year too.  We'll see you again on 5th January at St Marks in Opawa Rd.

We're expecting a busy year next year with high hopes of a permanent home for the guild and the Wool Yarns and Fibres shop, as well as a theme for the year of "Inspiration".   Think on what gives you inspiration, do you take your inspiration from your fibre/yarn, your environment or is there something else that makes you want to create?   Keep a journal. Personally I'm feeling inspired by the lovely works I saw today!

All photo's taken by Rachelle, are copyrighted and are only available for use by guild members.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Lunch

Tomorrow is the guild's Christmas lunch which is being held at St Marks on Withells Rd, Avonhead.   Bring a plate of food for sharing, a plate, mug and cutlery for yourself and what you've been working on this year.  
Please if you worked on the Fibres That Glisten and Gleam challenge this year bring that along, as well as your journals for the year to display.
I'm afraid I didn't journal, but I did work on the challenge and have a sample page from that.   I'll have to try harder next year.