Friday, December 14, 2012

A Lovely Gathering!

There was a great turnout and most people brought one or more items to display from the years work.   There were a lot of shawls made from the Annis pattern off   The food as expected was lovely and everyone had a great time
A selection of the lovely works on display.  A Tardis shawl for a Doctor Who fan, some lovely weaving, a Winter Wonderland Coat, many socks and shawls as well.    Well done to all our members who've displayed some amazing skills this year.
The cake was cut by Meg, thank-you.
Was lovely to see everyone again, we always get a good turnout on these occasions including members who often can't get to the normal meetings.  To everyone who was there and those who couldn't make it, have a lovely Christmas, appreciate your loved ones whether they can be with you or not and have a lovely New Year too.  We'll see you again on 5th January at St Marks in Opawa Rd.

We're expecting a busy year next year with high hopes of a permanent home for the guild and the Wool Yarns and Fibres shop, as well as a theme for the year of "Inspiration".   Think on what gives you inspiration, do you take your inspiration from your fibre/yarn, your environment or is there something else that makes you want to create?   Keep a journal. Personally I'm feeling inspired by the lovely works I saw today!

All photo's taken by Rachelle, are copyrighted and are only available for use by guild members.

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