Friday, February 8, 2013


This is something I rarely do, but today Joanne was spinning some batts she'd created, test spun and then sampled before continuing; here's a picture of her sample and the steps she's now taking to recreate it in a rather larger amount
The knitted sample piece (nice and large to get an accurate impression)
The lovely batts which are a blend of dyed Merino and some grey Merino (also dyed) to make a heathery yarn
Being spun

The resulting singles
On the table there were a few items on display, I missed one pair of lovely purple skeins which left with their owner before I got the camera out, but the remainder are all lovely too.
Fingerless mitts

Janet's lovely chevron skirt, we've been watching this come along for some months.

2 skeins of yarn, left is Merino/Nylon on the right was I think Perendale and Romney hand-dyed.
Next week we're at St Marks in Withells Rd, see you there.

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