Sunday, March 31, 2013

Many wonderful things!

I think this was knit by Rose from some of her first handspun, lovely and warm

Sonya's I think, just the first sock at the moment.

Detail of the sock

More of Sonya's work, this time peggy squares for a blanket.

Sonya again!   This time some placemats she's woven for a wedding present, lovely work.

Rachelle's felted slippers for her eldest boy (feels strange writing that when it's about me)

And a hand-sewn tailored jacket also by Rachelle (me).   When I say handsewn some of it is machined, but the buttonholes and topstitching are by hand.   It's part of the 1913 wardrobe that is being made for no particular reason.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lovely work

Detail shot of shawl

Shawl from handspun black Alpaca, it felt absolutely divine!    A most excellent piece of knitting from Paula

Lovely socks by Joanne, this is the 2nd 2013 Summer Sock Club by Vintage Purls

Beautiful handspun by Anna

My (Rachelle) Business Casual Socks in Vintage Purls yarn
The colour of the socks is a dark brown, too much sun for that to show clearly though.

Friday, March 15, 2013

A Finished Object

Today most of us seemed to be mid-project, but there was one wonderful finished object.  Paula made the Blooming Stitch Shawl in huacaya alpaca that she spun worsted.
Finished shawl

She wasn't sure about it as apparently she's made a lot of shawls and thought we might have reached saturation point.    I think I can safely say she was wrong, it received much (well deserved) admiration.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Better Late than Never!

Gail about to go through the various items on the display table

A lovely shawl

Shawls, yarn, socks and a sewn shirt

An amazing Dalek shawl knit if I remember correctly by Gail for Sue