Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cellphone Pics

Unfortunately this weekend I forgot to take a decent camera so I had to use the cellphone to take pictures; luckily we've just upgraded our pc so I can actually download them for your enjoyment!

Mohair Course from the previous weekend

Everyone concentrating very hard over piles of white fluff

Patsy Z explaining what we were needing to do, she's a very good teacher.

flick carded mohair locks

Samples Patsy was showing us

Mary Catherine's spinning from the course on display this weekend.

Joanne's spinning from the colour course Patsy took on the Saturday.

More of Joanne's work

Mary Catherine's colour course results

More of Mary Catherine's colour course results.

My mohair spinning samples.

Mary Catherine's spinning, lovely as always.

A lovely pile of socks by Jenny (I think)

A skein of Gotland/English Leicester and Cross Bred (mine) next to a beautiful scarf (spun by Jenny and knit I believe by her husband)
Don't forget to come along next Saturday at St Marks Opawa, parking will be harder as the little street we use to access the church is closed for road works, but still worth coming as there will be some talks by those of us who did Patsy's courses and also the ladies who went to the Creative Fibre weekend.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Patsy Z.

There were two Patsy Z. courses being held this weekend.   Colour Options for Spinners on Saturday and Marvelous Mohair on Sunday.   As a result we have a fairly small group on Saturday, the weather might have been part of the reason as well, it was very wet!
Unfortunately as I hadn't expected to get to the guild I didn't take my camera, so there's no photo's to show you this time.    I forgot on Sunday as well when I was taking the Mohair course but I can describe some of what was there.

On Saturday we had a few of the regulars, not much in the way of displays of work, but there was a magnificent pair of gloves from Sonya in dark blue with beads.    Like most of Sonya's work they were gorgeous!   Janet was wearing her green chevron skirt that she knit from stash remnants and it looking wonderful on her.  We also had a new visitor, I think she enjoyed herself and hopefully she'll join.    Her name is Farah and she was spinning using her Russian spindle, was lovely to watch.

On Sunday I was at the Mohair course and we all had a chance to spin Mohair from the lock by using whatever prep we preferred.  I flick carded mine after finding that combing wasn't as successful as I'd hoped; it's slippery stuff!   Patsy actually spun from her combs which I've only ever seen in videos before.  I was fairly pleased with my result, particularly compared with the last time I spun mohair which wasn't as successful as I wanted.   We also spun some mohair top which I didn't find as easy as the locks that we prepared ourselves; it had compressed quite a bit.   We also dyed some kid mohair, got to love the way it takes in the colour, such intensity!
We all got to take some home with us, dyed, raw, clean, top and some that was labelled kid in carded form, but felt more like hair than mohair.

I'm really glad I did the course and everyone else seemed to enjoy it too.   I did have to leave before most of the rest of the participants, but the actual spinning was done by then and even with leaving it early I got to see the finished items Patsy showed us.    There may be photo's of some of Sunday later as I used the cellphone, but it's notoriously difficult to get photo's off that and onto the computer so I need a little time (without children being around).