Saturday, May 25, 2013

A really good turnout today

We almost ran out of chairs, and I think there were almost 30 of us in the end.    We had some lovely items on the sharing table, and the sales table had some good finds as well.  I got a shuttle for my loom so I finally got to practice some of what I learned last weekend when I got home today.

Multnomah knit by Mary Catherine

detail of Multnomah

Sue's tapestry

Jan spun these, left is Romney and on the right is Gotland

Sonya's knitting for her son and baby, 2 singlets and a pair of mittens

Sonya's felted bag, this has been in progress for a while and has turned out beautifully

Sonya's clearing the bobbins of the old spinning wheel so she can use the new one, guilt free.
As you can see most of the items were made by just a few of our members, but I could see a lot of yarn and items in the process of getting made; I'm sure there will be more next weekend.   Hopefully I'll be able to post them on the blog that day, but we'll have to wait and see.    I promise I'll take photo's though even if I can't show them to you straight away.
We had a visitor today too, unfortunately I didn't catch her name, but welcome and I hope you had fun!

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