Friday, May 3, 2013

Festival Feedback - Photo Heavy

Today was a full meeting so there were a lot of members there.   In addition to the usual show and tell that I'll post photo's of there was also some feedback on this year's festival which was held in Porirua.
It sounds like the venue was wonderful (aside from the food, which was ok), those members who went did come back with some beautiful fibres to spin and some wonderful memories.
Next year will be at Dunedin which will be more accessible for the rest of us who couldn't justify costs in going to Wellington.

Anna Harris was there with her large bins of fibre again, she is so bad for us!    I went away with 3 new bumps of fibre and I know quite a few others did as well.   Despite how bad she is for the budget I'm always glad to see her.   She got a merit award from the festival for a skein of 50/50 Merino/Silk that she spun over the last 2 years.   Unfortunately we don't get a photo of it as it sold.   I did see a small photo in the Festival information pack though, and it was lovely.

And now it's time for photo's of finished work.   As we had a lot of people there today there was a lot of work to display,and I'm afraid I can't remember who everything belongs to.   Oh, and while I remember until we move into The Tannery the first Saturday of each month is going to be a longer day running from 10am till 4.30pm, it'll be in the notices this month.  Hopefully next month the roadworks might be finished and parking/access might be easier.

Sonya's blanket

detail of blanket

Yarn by various people, all lovely.

Sonya's gloves, simply exquisite!

Anne's little bit off her yardage she wove.

detail of Thomas the Tank Engine knit

and this is what Thomas was gracing.

A lovely little girls cardigan, pattern is "My Honey" from Ravelry

Detail of the yoke

3 scarves

Detail from scarves

A single sock, pattern yet to be released and will be called "Scott Base Socks"

detail of socks

Sonya's new shawl pattern

Detail of shawl

More scarves, lovely work

Yarn, also lovely.

An in-focus shot of the yarn at the back of the previous photo.
I hope everyone enjoyed that, next week is at St Marks in Opawa Rd again from 10am till 2pm, be aware of the access issues due to roadworks.   There will also be a committee meeting that day.

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