Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I wasn't at the guild this weekend, instead

I was learning to weave with Anne Field.    Great fun and I'm definitely hooked (the credit card agrees with me here).   I've got other photo's but they're still on the camera so here is my loom at the beginning of being warped up until I get time to download the other photos.

Some examples of weft options that Anne brought in, we used some of the fibre for a surface weave
My loom is a 4-shaft TeTeko table loom and it worked really well.   I've already ordered some new shuttles as I only have one that I can find; I'm sure there's at least one stick shuttle that's hiding somewhere but it's very well hidden.  I've also ordered some yarn for warping for my next project.

If you're interested in weaving and Anne takes another class in the future I'd definitely recommend it; thanks also to Faye and Rosemary who helped, we all appreciated it very much.

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