Sunday, May 12, 2013

What have we been up to?

There were some lovely items on display this week, one of which I had to take photo's of on its creator.  
Mary Catherine's vest.

Some lovely blue yarn, can't remember who created it I'm afraid.

More lovely yarn, the brown one is actually one single of natural wool and another of merino/silk by Ashford; lovely work and there will be a lot more.

A beautiful blanket for a baby, simply gorgeous!
This was also on display, but I had the photo taken at home, Central Park Hoodie, took 3 years and 4 days.
I probably won't be at the guild for the next two weeks as I prepare for our house repairs, but next week I'll be at the Weaving course being held by Anne Field.   I believe she still has one space, if you're quick and email her on you might get in.   $80 is the course fee for a 2 day course next weekend to learn to weave on a 4-shaft table loom.   You'll need a loom.   This is not limited to guild members either.

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