Saturday, July 6, 2013

A very interesting day.

Today was the meeting about The Tannery.   A lot of information was imparted to us, and then we got to make suggestions and to volunteer for various parts of the new premises.   I've volunteered for about 3 things; don't know if I'll be needed for all, but I really want to help.   The sheets for suggestions and volunteering will be going to Cafe Atua on Monday as well.   I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm really looking forward to The Tannery and am currently making a wee something for the new rooms.   Some of you will have seen it already, but photo's of that can wait.

Today I have photo's of a number of lovely items.   As usual I don't remember names of who made many of them (I think I need to take a notebook and note it down instead of knitting through).

Eleanor's stunning socks, knit in Noro Sock I believe.  I think Noro Sock turns out nicer than the Noro Silk Garden; I feel the need to go stash diving and make some of my own.

I think this was silk, lovely intense colours.

Navajo plied loveliness.  

Samples from last weekend's Patchwork Knitting class.   Everyone seemed to enjoy it and there were comments about it being the best class they'd taken in a while which is high praise.

Diane's lovely tunic for her granddaughter.   Made from navy yarn from the sales table and some handspun.   I think it's absolutely stunning!

Natural yarn, love the variations in tone.

A beautiful dye job.

Why does Christmas come to mind?   Another lovely skein.

This was a big bag of skeins, spun over several years.    Some was fairly strong and some softer, knitting was being attempted, but weaving was looking like an attractive option apparently.

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