Saturday, July 13, 2013

An Excellent Turnout

Lots of members along for spinning and knitting today, I'd planned to do some long-draw spinning, but there wasn't room!  I did get a lot of knitting done on my son's sock though.

Several of us also spent some money with Anna Harris; I for one was very glad to see her wee car in the parking lot and it was very hard not to squeek out "Squee!" when I saw her pile of lovely fibres.   I did manage to stop myself though; probably just as well, could have been embarrassing.

Some lovely finished items once again.  If I put the wrong name by something, please let me know, I'm doing this from memory.

2 pairs of socks, both lovely and I think made by Rose and the undersea creature was made by Anna.

Starting from the rainbow skein which was by Joanne, the brown/grey alpaca by Paula and the blue and yellow/green by Sonya.

The brown I can't remember who, but it's a polwarth single plied with a merino/silk single, subtly beautiful.  The greeny/brown was Anna's and I think the yellow was more of Joanne's.

Joanne made this at her lace retreat last weekend from some mohair yarn that was on the sales table

Wee toddlers top.

Fran's gorgeous jacket made from handspun yarn.

Another item I can't remember who made it, love the colours!

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