Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Beautiful Day, and We're Inside!

It really was a lovely day today, don't worry I got out in the garden after I got home, but while at the guild there was plenty to see.

Joanne's You Turn Socks from the Vintage Purls winter sock club.  Joanne is a fast knitter; I've not even started mine yet.

Joanne's again, this is yarn she dyed herself and the pattern is one from Margaret Stove, derived from the Filmy Ferns pattern that was used for Prince George's shawl.

Detail of the shawl

A "between projects" pair of hats from Diane.

Kerry's been weaving again, this cushion cover is the result.

Rachelle's (mine) 50/50 Merino/Silk dyed by Anna Harris.  Navajo plied laceweight approx.

Gail brought this lot in to see if anyone wanted some; don't know if anyone did.   I was very restrained and took none home.

One of the photo's Diane took for publicity purposes; probably not the best one, but at least we're not frowning.
Next Saturday we're at St Marks in Opawa Road; don't forget it's the monthly meeting and we're to bring along up to 3 items showing our first spinning/knitting/weaving efforts.   I think I'll bring the jersey I knit when I was 16; unfortunately my first spinning met an untimely end when my bottle of spinning oil leaked into it.   That stuff does not wash out.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

For our new rooms

I thought I should post this here for those who won't be there on Saturday.   I've just finished the cushion cover for the new rooms.   My thanks to Carol who made the felt for the back of the cushion cover and also found the perfect decorative buttons

My sewing machine was not happy, the tension is not as good as normal, but I don't think it'll fall apart; it's simply that the fabric is so thick!

Friday, August 23, 2013

August 24th

Things started fairly slowly today, but a surprising number of people arrived when you consider that KAN (Knit August Nights) is on up north and Glentui is also this weekend.

2 Citron shawls, the front one is new by Joanne, the back one is mine, brought in to show how different one pattern can look in two different handspun yarns.   Both yarns were created from fibre dyed by Kate of Heavenly Wools.

My (Rachelle) cushion cover in handspun natural yarns.   Carol has offered to felt a backing for it so once it's sewn together I'll post a photo of the completed item.    This is to go into the new guild rooms.

Heather's machine knit teddy; won first prize in a machine knitters competition

Also machine knit by Heather is this lovely fringed shawl

Detail of the shawl

Heather also made this wall hanging.   It's handwoven with the cross stitch worked in as it was woven on every second pick.   Lovely work.

Detail of the cross stitch

A capelet by Kerry in handwoven fabric.

A vest in handwoven by Kerry, sorry the sun is not being helpful here.

Another of Kerry's masterpieces.

Rosemary made this beautiful blanket, and doesn't Ted look comfy?

Some squares Sue worked up after the knitting course last weekend.   She's planning to make them into a vest I believe.

The back of Kerry's vest

And the front, I love the button being half and half to match the little insert on the corner.
Next weekend we're at St Marks in Withells Rd again, do come along, plenty of room.

City south Library Exhibition

Yesterday I went to take a look at the exhibition and was really impressed.   I love what you see when you first go in, so after taking a quick look I found a librarian and asked permission to take photos for our blog.   The librarian was happy to give me permission to take photos as long as I didn't include patrons in those shots, so here's the results.   
I didn't get many of the items behind glass due to reflection issues, but the wall displays made up for that.

The view from the entrance.

The view down towards the back of the library

The view from the back of the library
It covers quite a large area and I recognised a number of pieces (aside from my own).   Some work I'd never seen before and I'm glad I got the opportunity to see it this time.  Looking at the photo's I think I missed a few pieces, some to the left of the entrance and also a woven bag; my apologies for that.

Friday, August 16, 2013

20 Years of Dyeing

Shirley made this blanket using the bits and pieces of yarn she's dyed over the last 20 years on dye days.  It's glorious and we were all very impressed.   I hope she puts it in pride of place at her home.

Close up of the blanket.

Kerry's English Leicester, at least she thinks that's what it is.  Quite strong, but a lovely sheen.

Sue's spindle spun silk, she's spun it especially for embroidery.

My camera was running out of battery so I used a photo I took at home of these socks for my son.  Knit in Patonyle sock yarn using a pattern called Scott Base.  He loves them.
Don't forget the exhibition starting  on Monday at the South Library.   The newspaper got the start date wrong, it's Monday, not Sunday.