Friday, August 16, 2013

20 Years of Dyeing

Shirley made this blanket using the bits and pieces of yarn she's dyed over the last 20 years on dye days.  It's glorious and we were all very impressed.   I hope she puts it in pride of place at her home.

Close up of the blanket.

Kerry's English Leicester, at least she thinks that's what it is.  Quite strong, but a lovely sheen.

Sue's spindle spun silk, she's spun it especially for embroidery.

My camera was running out of battery so I used a photo I took at home of these socks for my son.  Knit in Patonyle sock yarn using a pattern called Scott Base.  He loves them.
Don't forget the exhibition starting  on Monday at the South Library.   The newspaper got the start date wrong, it's Monday, not Sunday.

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  1. So beautiful!You should send some photos to Ashfords Wheels and Looms via Facebook. They recently shared a picture of a blanket I made.