Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Beautiful Day, and We're Inside!

It really was a lovely day today, don't worry I got out in the garden after I got home, but while at the guild there was plenty to see.

Joanne's You Turn Socks from the Vintage Purls winter sock club.  Joanne is a fast knitter; I've not even started mine yet.

Joanne's again, this is yarn she dyed herself and the pattern is one from Margaret Stove, derived from the Filmy Ferns pattern that was used for Prince George's shawl.

Detail of the shawl

A "between projects" pair of hats from Diane.

Kerry's been weaving again, this cushion cover is the result.

Rachelle's (mine) 50/50 Merino/Silk dyed by Anna Harris.  Navajo plied laceweight approx.

Gail brought this lot in to see if anyone wanted some; don't know if anyone did.   I was very restrained and took none home.

One of the photo's Diane took for publicity purposes; probably not the best one, but at least we're not frowning.
Next Saturday we're at St Marks in Opawa Road; don't forget it's the monthly meeting and we're to bring along up to 3 items showing our first spinning/knitting/weaving efforts.   I think I'll bring the jersey I knit when I was 16; unfortunately my first spinning met an untimely end when my bottle of spinning oil leaked into it.   That stuff does not wash out.

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