Friday, August 23, 2013

August 24th

Things started fairly slowly today, but a surprising number of people arrived when you consider that KAN (Knit August Nights) is on up north and Glentui is also this weekend.

2 Citron shawls, the front one is new by Joanne, the back one is mine, brought in to show how different one pattern can look in two different handspun yarns.   Both yarns were created from fibre dyed by Kate of Heavenly Wools.

My (Rachelle) cushion cover in handspun natural yarns.   Carol has offered to felt a backing for it so once it's sewn together I'll post a photo of the completed item.    This is to go into the new guild rooms.

Heather's machine knit teddy; won first prize in a machine knitters competition

Also machine knit by Heather is this lovely fringed shawl

Detail of the shawl

Heather also made this wall hanging.   It's handwoven with the cross stitch worked in as it was woven on every second pick.   Lovely work.

Detail of the cross stitch

A capelet by Kerry in handwoven fabric.

A vest in handwoven by Kerry, sorry the sun is not being helpful here.

Another of Kerry's masterpieces.

Rosemary made this beautiful blanket, and doesn't Ted look comfy?

Some squares Sue worked up after the knitting course last weekend.   She's planning to make them into a vest I believe.

The back of Kerry's vest

And the front, I love the button being half and half to match the little insert on the corner.
Next weekend we're at St Marks in Withells Rd again, do come along, plenty of room.

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