Friday, August 23, 2013

City south Library Exhibition

Yesterday I went to take a look at the exhibition and was really impressed.   I love what you see when you first go in, so after taking a quick look I found a librarian and asked permission to take photos for our blog.   The librarian was happy to give me permission to take photos as long as I didn't include patrons in those shots, so here's the results.   
I didn't get many of the items behind glass due to reflection issues, but the wall displays made up for that.

The view from the entrance.

The view down towards the back of the library

The view from the back of the library
It covers quite a large area and I recognised a number of pieces (aside from my own).   Some work I'd never seen before and I'm glad I got the opportunity to see it this time.  Looking at the photo's I think I missed a few pieces, some to the left of the entrance and also a woven bag; my apologies for that.

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