Friday, August 2, 2013

Pic Heavy, there was lots on today!

Carol made this lovely floral bag

Carol also did this dyeing on English Leicester; it's not quite this bright in real life; my flash took things a bit too far.

Left to right we have Julia's semi-solid green skeins in alpaca/wool, then Pat spun some green wool which has a wonderful sheen and on the right is Kerry's Merino/Silk in orange.

Julia wove this variety of runners in double weave I think it was; lovely work.

A very cute bunny huggy, also made by Kerry

Another unnamed skein, it was small but perfectly formed

Isla's felted mitts, with thumb hole

Julia's sampling of Romney, you can see the fibre above the yarn.

Jan Short's woven scarf with streaks of coloured silk

Anna's Merino

Barbara's lovely blanket

And a very cute toddler dress, sorry it's on its side.

Another of Julia's runners.

This one is to be framed, love the rainbow effect.

The colour is definitely off, it was more limey in person

Eleanor's Hitchhiker Scarf using Zauberball.

Kerry knit this with beaded neckline and armholes from some Romney she'd spun; lovely work.

Noro laceweight chevrom scarf by Eleanor.
 Eleanor had a talk about her visit to the USA and the time she spent at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.   Below is the haul she brought home, well most of it anyway!

Next time she wants more bag space for some reason, I think though this lot should keep her busy for a while!

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