Sunday, September 29, 2013

28th September

A fairly quiet day, unfortunately I had to leave before the display items were shown around so I don't know who made the mohair hat.    Also next week there won't be any photo's I'm afraid as I'm down in Lindisfarne for the weekend.   Back to normal the next weekend though.

Mohair hat, pity I don't know who made it.   Reminds me of one my gran had; though hers wasn't as pretty.

Heather spun this from a sliver that was multicoloured.

Heather wove this as a sampler

I love the close up of this; my weaving feels woefully inadequate after seeing it.  I obviously need to do a heap more of it!
Have a great fortnight everyone, next Saturday will be at St Marks in Opawa Rd and is the monthly meeting.  The theme this time is The Wool Yarn and Fibre Shop and what being involved with the shop will mean for members.  Quality requirements, selection process and working in the shop for starters.  
It would be appreciated if members could bring a small plate of food to contribute to morning tea for this meeting.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

A small number of items yesterday

There was one more item, but I can't show that till after tomorrow as it's part of a blog hop I'm taking part in on my personal blog.

There are 3 items that can be displayed though:

Kerry's lovely beige and pink skeins; the pink is very subtle.

Pat's colourful skein, I think the black was alpaca; unsure on the coloured ply.

Not knitting, but this is my attempt at stays for a 1770's outfit; ignore the little green bag, that's the item that shouldn't be on the blog.
I didn't get to stay long, which is why I can't say for certain on the fibre composition of the skeins.   Hopefully I'll do a better job next weekend which is at Withells Rd again.   The following weekend there won't be a post as I'll be down south for a crafting weekend with friends.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

September 14th

Today was committee meeting day so I didn't get to see the creations until after lunchtime, we went a little over time.

Sonya's wee cardigan; the buttons are from Buttons by Benji who is a local artisan.

Eleanor spun the lovely multi coloured yarn on the left; the green was spun by Jenny

This little purse is by Joanne from the latest Vintage Purls sock club.   She used leftovers rather than the yarn supplied.    I forgot to bring mine in completely!   A wonderful project for leftovers, there's a butterfly option available as well.

Linda knit this lovely thick blanket from some of her first handspun.

A pair of bright socks knit by Sandra

Julia knit these slippers for her grandson; should keep him nice and warm next winter.

Fran knit this lovely blanket to help keep some wee people warm in the car.

Jan made this cowl; it can also be worn as a hooded shawl; I think Jan was getting a little too warm after modelling this.

The back view.    I think this is lovely and beautifully practical as well.
This afternoon some of us also attended a design course being run by Fran; it was very interesting though not quite what I expected.   I think today's class was possibly more for those who paint or do tapestry weaving.   Very helpful for making me look at things differently though, amazing what you can turn a potato masher to.   Next month we have another session which I believe will have more emphasis on colour which is what I need most I think.   I won't say I'll never do tapestry weaving; that's what I said about weaving and I now have a loom and am working on my first warp.
I'll get onto the homework too, fairly soon as school holidays are looming which is not the best time to be doing course work.

Next week we're at St Marks in Withells Rd, normal room so I'll see you all there; have a great week!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

September Monthly Meeting

Another good turnout for the monthly meeting with a few visitors.    Carol's mum was one of our visitors, a lady from up north was another (I didn't catch your name, sorry) and Jan's son dropped in as well.   The theme for the meeting was our first knitting/spinning/weaving projects and quite a few did bring something along to show.  
First I'll show you the new work though.   I didn't get photo's of all the older items; some were sneakily hidden on a table at the back of the room; but it was surprising how many people did fair-isle as their first project!
Mary Catherine made this lovely alpaca/silk/wool scarf

Mary Catherine also made this cowl using Vintage Purls yarn

and these mitts were also by Mary Catherine.

Carol spun this peacock skein

Carol's mum (Barbara) brought a few of her shawls to show off; lovely work (detail shot)

Another shot of Barbara's shawl

Barbara also made this shawl/blanket

This was my favourite of Barbara's shawls; I have a weakness for triangle shawls.

This is another of Barbara's blankets; love the edging on it.

This one had lurex plied into the yarn which gave it some extra oomph.

Barbara's final item; this one apparently sat around for a while unfinished; 3 of the 4 borders done; by the time she came to do the 4th she couldn't remember how the others had been done and had to reverse engineer; as a result it's not quite the same but still lovely.

Diane spun and knit this lovely shawl; the yarn came thicker than intended as the merino poofed on washing.    I think we've all been there; merino tends to hide its true nature until that wash.

More of Diane's work; lovely as usual.

Barbara (Carol's mum) made this bag as well; a bit different and very striking.

Our Barbara (not Carol's mum) made this lovely dress for a family member; very sweet

As well as this dress which is a little more traditional.   I think I like both equally though.

and finally this blanket which had magnificent bounce!  The sheep who provided the wool for this was called Henry.

And here we have Barbara and Meg; both 92 I believe and having a great day.

Shirley spun some of the English Leicester she won last week; love the variation in colours in this skein.

Kerry knit this from Merino/silk yarn paired with a bamboo yarn.

A mix of first knit/spin/weave items.    You can see one fair-isle item there from Paula and quite a few tapestry weaving samples from Meg.

More first items; weaving from Mary Catherine and a lovely blanket (can't remember who made this, but it was first spinning).

I hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as I did.    Next weekend we're at St Marks in Opawa Rd again and after the meeting some of us are attending a design course.    I'm really looking forward to it.