Sunday, September 29, 2013

28th September

A fairly quiet day, unfortunately I had to leave before the display items were shown around so I don't know who made the mohair hat.    Also next week there won't be any photo's I'm afraid as I'm down in Lindisfarne for the weekend.   Back to normal the next weekend though.

Mohair hat, pity I don't know who made it.   Reminds me of one my gran had; though hers wasn't as pretty.

Heather spun this from a sliver that was multicoloured.

Heather wove this as a sampler

I love the close up of this; my weaving feels woefully inadequate after seeing it.  I obviously need to do a heap more of it!
Have a great fortnight everyone, next Saturday will be at St Marks in Opawa Rd and is the monthly meeting.  The theme this time is The Wool Yarn and Fibre Shop and what being involved with the shop will mean for members.  Quality requirements, selection process and working in the shop for starters.  
It would be appreciated if members could bring a small plate of food to contribute to morning tea for this meeting.

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