Saturday, September 21, 2013

A small number of items yesterday

There was one more item, but I can't show that till after tomorrow as it's part of a blog hop I'm taking part in on my personal blog.

There are 3 items that can be displayed though:

Kerry's lovely beige and pink skeins; the pink is very subtle.

Pat's colourful skein, I think the black was alpaca; unsure on the coloured ply.

Not knitting, but this is my attempt at stays for a 1770's outfit; ignore the little green bag, that's the item that shouldn't be on the blog.
I didn't get to stay long, which is why I can't say for certain on the fibre composition of the skeins.   Hopefully I'll do a better job next weekend which is at Withells Rd again.   The following weekend there won't be a post as I'll be down south for a crafting weekend with friends.

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