Friday, October 25, 2013

26 October 2013

Another lovely day, aside from the wind that is.   We were all inside out of the wind though being social and having fun with our knitting and spinning.

Carol's natural grey jersey lot of handspun yarn; lovely work.

My (Rachelle's) socks knit from a sock blank dyed by Happy-go-knitty; the yarn is a Merino/silk blend

Paula's skein of lovely purple merino dyed by Fibre2Go

Mary Catherine dyed this Mohair/romney blend at the last dye day; it's absolutely stunning!

Joanne spun this from Heavenly Wools halfbred in the Nightfall colourway.

More of Mary Catherine's work, this time spun from Anna's Merino/silk

The jersey that Mary Catherine has been working on, knit top-down with no seams; she's really happy with it (for good reason) and will be using the technique again.

Stitch detail on the jersey above.

Sonya made this for her son, it's a wee singlet.

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