Friday, October 18, 2013

October 19th

My apologies for the lack of post last week, but I was not well so stayed home and kept my bugs to myself.    Much better this weekend though!

Some lovely work again, it was fairly quiet today, possibly due to a lack of close parking as the local school had their fair on.

Rose's handspun fingerless mitts

Rose also wove this with some of her earlier handspun; it's lovely!

A view of the lining of the bag.

Heather dyed these blanks using just 3 colours; you can also just see the blue blank that she also dyed in the top right corner.

More dyeing by Heather, once again, just the 3 colours you can see below the skein.

Kerry spun these from some carded fleece that she got from a bunch of stuff Gail brought in a wee while back

This is mine (Rachelle), spun from some of Anna Harris' merino; Navajo plied to keep the colours from getting muddy.
I also won the raffle today; most embarrassing as I also was the person to do the draw from the box; no, I didn't look and I turned bright red once I realised!   I won a scarf kit from Touch Yarns; I'm thinking I might use the boucle in it for weaving on the loom that Fran was nice enough to give to me.   Not picking it up for 2 more weeks, but can't wait!  It's a Bartlett floor loom, 4' countermarche and I will be aiming eventually to use it to make my husband a length of tartan for a kilt.

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