Saturday, November 2, 2013


Today was our AGM and we had a good turnout.   A couple of things came up that I want to bring to everyone's attention. 
First up the remit for a small increase in our guild subs was approved.   For an individual member that means our payment goes up by $15 a year, and doubles go up $20 per year.   Juniors get a $5 increase and country members a $10 one.   Considering what we get for our money I think that's very reasonable. 
Remember if you want to get the Creative Fibre magazine you need to pay your subs by 1st December, there will be a form in the next newsletter for everyone.
Another thing that was mentioned was the donations and grants we have received in the last year.  We really appreciate all of them.   The grants are going towards our new premises and also our education programme for children which will be put in place once we're in The Tannery.
The donations came from a number of sources including guilds in various countries and some of our own members.  Some of those donations had specific instructions as to what they were for and we will definitely make sure that those instructions are followed.

Anna was there today, so there was the usual group of us petting fibre and trying (and failing) to be good and not buy anything.   I'm afraid I was one of those who failed, I spotted some grey merino/silk and just had to get it for something for my husband.   I noticed quite a few fluffy bundles being smuggled into bags aside from mine.

And now, what you're all waiting for is the photo's of the lovely items created by our members and brought in for admiring.

Paula's stole

Detail on the stole, knit from I believe cashmere/silk that Paula spun for it.

Pat dyed this on some commercial yarn.

Natalie knit these socks, I think it might be the Broadripple pattern, but I didn't ask so I could be wrong.

Anna knit these socks from some of her hand dyed BFL yarn.

She also spun this yarn from some of her fibre that she considered imperfectly dyed; I think perhaps she was wrong on that, it was even more gorgeous in person.

Pat knit this from some of her handspun; she doesn't think the colour suits her, but whether it does or not it's perfect for the pattern.

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