Friday, November 8, 2013

November 9

Today we were in the other room from normal as another group had set up in our usual room and were convinced it was their room.   Hopefully this won't be a regular issue as the room we ended up in has a wood floor and as a result sound bounces around and makes it hard to hear.    Also it's dark and my camera phone wasn't keen on a couple of photo's I tried to take.   My own fault that, I forgot to take the DSLR with me today, so you're stuck with cellphone pics.

Dianne's final spinning on her old Ashford wheel; Navajo plied

Also Dianne's, but on her new Majacraft Suzi-Pro wheel; the colour is wrong; this is acutally a red, not orange.

Mary Cathering brought this, it's the latest fibre club from Vintage Purls and is English Leicester

Rose spun this, it's her first Navajo plied yarn and is some of Anna's merino/silk.

Rosemary decided to do something with the cabbage tree leaves she had and made this gorgeous wee basket.

Kerry has been very busy with her loom and woven this 8.4m length of cloth to make a jacket or coat out of.   There's a lot of alpaca in it so it'll be lovely and warm; much of the weft is handspun too.

Sonya made another wee singlet for her youngest.

This was Kerry's solution to a scratchy scarf; turn it into a book cover!

Finally we have Sonya's puffer fish; so cute.

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