Friday, December 13, 2013


Today was our Christmas lunch, held at St Marks in Withells Rd and we had a fantastic turnout!  Anna was there with her lovely dyed fibres (I succumbed) and several people who we don't see a lot during the year managed to come along too which was lovely.

This years theme was "Inspiration" so people came along with work they'd done during the year and what their inspiration was for that piece.  The photos are in the order I took them, which is not the order in which they were shown off after lunch.

Not sure who owns these, not mentioned in the show and tell unfortunately.

Rosemary's sampler of tapestry weaving started in Sue's class.

Paula made this beautiful scarf for her piano teacher in 15 micron alpaca; it's divine!

We've seen this before, Mary Catherine knitted it, her inspiration came from the yarn which is Perendale from the Milton Mill.

Some of Diane's lovely spinning over the year

More of Diane's work over the last year; Anna inspired her as she does all of us.
The reason Tedge hasn't been coming along, when not working she's doing woodturning and this is one of the things she's made.  It's not finished yet, she plans to do more with the chair and there will be a drop spindle too.

Mary-Anne's shawls she designed based on the earthquakes; see further down for more information.  The green is a commercial yarn, the maroon is handspun.

Kerry's weaving

More of Kerry's weaving; she was inspired by a photo of a corrugated iron shed

Kerry's weaving again, you can almost see the corrugations in the fabric.

Sample spun by Tedge from Ashford's new alpaca/merino blend

Julia knit these for the shop; the bottom two are Noro yarns and the green is handspun that was dyed by Anna

Handspun alpaca/wool custom dyed by Anna, spun by Julia.

Meg's tapestry using yarn from Mary Bartlett's supplies and inspired by the West Coast

Meg also wove this piece which is inspired by Antarctic ice floes.

Faith made this cushion cover using pre-felt, needle felting and some embroidery; lovely work

Faith also spun this pink/red yarn.  The barely glimpsed skein of pink/blue yarn underneath is Sue's; I didn't spot it when taking the photos.    She also did an autumn shaded skein which I missed completely.

Janet wove this from Anne Field's weaving book at 20EPI, she's pleased with it but looking forward to improving with practice.

Sue knit this baby blanket, it's huge and you'll see another photo further down.

Mary-Anne's shawl in full, she has had the pattern accepted by and it will be in the March 2014 release of patterns; free to the public.

Another of Mary-Anne's shawls, this one she was wearing when she arrived.

Sue's baby blanket; it was knit for someone who had intended to knit a blanket for each of her children when they had children, but was unfortunately not able to see well enough to do this one when it was needed.   Sue stepped up to the challenge and produced this lovely (and huge) blanket to fill that need.
Wow, that's a lot of creation energy right there!    Glad everyone came along, it was a great time and will hopefully see us through till next year.    1st meeting next year is on Saturday 4th January at St Marks Opawa.

Wishing everyone a happy Christmas and a safe New Year and look forward to seeing you all next year.

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