Monday, January 20, 2014

Saturday 18th January

What greeted us when we walked through the door; I was good and didn't buy any.   Why is being good so hard?

Anna making sure they looked their best; which they did!

This beautiful scarf was a joint effort between Carol who spun the yarn and Rose who knit it up.

Kerry spun the fibre for this and then knit it up.
Don't forget next Saturday is the Declutter Sale at St Marks Opawa and this is also where we'll be spinning.   Please park on the street if possible to allow customers to use the carpark.   We'll be spinning outside, so we're asking for fine weather if possible!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 10 2014

I'll apologise in advance for any items I missed; I was in a committee meeting till midday.    That's also the reason the photo's are less detailed than normal; I really wanted to get some spinning done by then.
Fran knit this cute little hat and singlet set

Anna felted these gorgeous scarves

I think this was Joanne's; it looked different from a distance, lovely and vibrant

Pat knit the socks on the left, the middle ones are Anna's and the wee singlet was by Mary Catherine

Heather knit this singlet; it has a yellow bottom.

A closer view of Mary Catherine's singlet

Jan knit this natural coloured yarn

These are Anna's BFL

Anna also spun this Angora/Merino blend; it felt lovely and squishy.

The greyish purple is Dianne's

I think these may have been Fran's, but they went home with her before I got them noted down

Sonya finished the Christmas stocking; lovely work in cross stitch.

and finally, Dianne's shawl in Anna's Merino/silk

Friday, January 3, 2014

1st Saturday back in the new year.

There was a lot on the display table; so much that I'm just posting photo's and some won't have notes on who made them as in some cases I simply can't remember!
Everyone's been really busy over the break though, which was lovely to see and I think we were all glad to be back and having a chance to chat and spin and knit again.

Heather dyed all this on the December dye day

Sandra spun this, it's Anna's merino/silk and will apparently be a scarf

Sandra also knit this scarf from one of Anna's scarf kits

Rachelle's dye day results

Rachelle's spinning from left to right:  3-ply merino/yak blend; this will be overdyed.   3-ply unknown man-made fibre spun worsted.   2-ply unknown man-made carded with corriedale and then spun woollen.

I think this was Kerry's

Pauline brought this scarf, her daughter bought it from the weaver in Cambodia; it's 40 EPI I believe and cotton.

Close up

And then there's the blue one too...
Lovely close up too.

Dianne dyed this at the dye day

and spun this from some of Anna's dyed fibre

and at the last minute dyed this as well; this will be an interesting one to see spun up and I suspect would look great as a wee person's cardigan.

I think this might have been Jenny's

Mary Catherine made this from some mink yarn, it feels absolutely divine.

Close up, you can see the contrast yarn she used in the yoke.

Sonya's puffer fish for Eric

and Eric's next jersey for the winter
I'm busy spinning now, want to get the first ply of my next yarn done today, and of course there's knitting happening too and the odd bit of weaving.   What's everyone else doing?