Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 10 2014

I'll apologise in advance for any items I missed; I was in a committee meeting till midday.    That's also the reason the photo's are less detailed than normal; I really wanted to get some spinning done by then.
Fran knit this cute little hat and singlet set

Anna felted these gorgeous scarves

I think this was Joanne's; it looked different from a distance, lovely and vibrant

Pat knit the socks on the left, the middle ones are Anna's and the wee singlet was by Mary Catherine

Heather knit this singlet; it has a yellow bottom.

A closer view of Mary Catherine's singlet

Jan knit this natural coloured yarn

These are Anna's BFL

Anna also spun this Angora/Merino blend; it felt lovely and squishy.

The greyish purple is Dianne's

I think these may have been Fran's, but they went home with her before I got them noted down

Sonya finished the Christmas stocking; lovely work in cross stitch.

and finally, Dianne's shawl in Anna's Merino/silk

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