Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Minute of Silence

Today we remembered those who have gone, and those who were injured 3 years ago.  We reflected on how important the guild has been to us, and also how important we've been to it.    Our thanks to all our members, together we have supported each other through a very difficult time, and we continue to do so.

We lost our own premises, but through the generosity of members with their homes we continued to meet until temporary premises were found through the hard work of our members.   They continue to work hard and due to their efforts we will soon be in our new premises at The Tannery.   Thank you to everyone.

Today we also had some lovely items on our display table; these are also worth celebrating.

My (Rachelle) red shawl, the pattern is Aurora Australis and I'm very pleased with it.

All the yarn we spun as a group

Mary Catherine knit this from some silk she bought in Melbourne

This woven shawl is Valerie's, not yet washed but looking lovely all the same.

Jenny spun this and then her husband knit it up; lovely work.

More of Mary Catherine's work from Anna's lovely fibre

Jenny also knit this sock from Opal sock wool

Celia made this vest for her husband, it'll be lovely and warm this winter and the length was good and long too.

I don't know who knit this, it was gone by lunchtime, a good thick rug though.

Friday, February 14, 2014

15 February 2014

A surprisingly busy day today considering the Craft show was on.  We had 3 new members come to join the group today; welcome to you all.

Once again I didn't take notes as to who made what, so I'll note the ones I remember.   I didn't have any paper with me unfortunately.  Normally I use the back of my knitting pattern, but the shawl I'm doing is just simple garter with easy increases at this point so I left that at home, next time I'll take it anyway.

Joanne's rendition of Ysolda Teague's latest mystery KAL; there are up to 32 different combinations, but I think Joanne's is gorgeous.

Tedge knit this as a test knitter (read knitting slave) for Mary-Anne, it is lovely and will be available on Ravelry for sale too.

Eleanor's Romney I think, beautiful colour changes in this.

Valerie's I think

I think this was Kerry, she was clearing out short ends of yarn from her stash and it turned out lovely!

Rachelle's (mine) little hat in Merino/silk/possum yarn, came out too small so is now a birthday gift for our goddaughter.

Kerry made this lovely little jacket

Sonya knit this baby blanket which is currently unblocked; it'll look even better when that's done.   Stunning work.

I'm pretty sure this was also Sonya's
Hmm, not too bad considering it was all from memory and considering my terrible trouble with people's names!    Have a good week everyone and we'll see you next Saturday at St Mark's in Withells Rd.

Friday, February 7, 2014

08 February 2014

A nice quiet day today with some lovely items shared

Valerie's lovely cobalt and gold shawl; the ends are beaded and fringed.
Pat knit these little singlets for the Royal singlet collection

Carol spun the brown and dyed the other skein.

This is the Romney we're spinning as a guild for the chap providing our storage for us.   It's our way of saying "thank you" for charging a friendly rate.

Kerry has been making these wee bags for her daughter's wedding.

This is my Calash (18th century bonnet) which I brought in to show everyone.  

Saturday, February 1, 2014

February 1st, 2014

I didn't take notes this time I'm afraid; so all pictures, no text.