Friday, March 21, 2014

Saturday 22 March

I'm afraid there won't be any photo's from the guild meeting today as I'm home making sure not to spread my germs.    Instead I'll show you what I'm working on at the moment.


Second sock for my youngest in yarn I dyed for him.   The yarn is Blue Faced Leicester.
I'm afraid I won't be posting next weekend either (or possibly the one after), we've got lots of work to do here to get ready for our new driveway and also I'm hoping I'll be painting my craft room too so I can get the loom set up.   

Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 15th

A fairly quiet Saturday this time, I suspect a few of our members might have been down in Dunedin at Unwind.   
Pauline brought in the rug her son bought in the 1980's for $100US.   It's made from wool, camel, silk and goat fibre.   He bought it in Morocco and was told it was made around 1914.   It is used every day as it's beside his bed.   It is showing remarkably little wear, the colours have faded and there's a little wear on some edge areas, but that's about it!

Jan has been busy with cream merino from the leftovers from the Patsy Z class, green merino/silk dyed by our Anna, more of the leftovers from Patsy Z's class; this time dyed by Kate Mahoney and finally more of Anna's merino/silk in purple on the right.

Ria knit this lovely little singlet and hat set.

Sonya knit this for the first round of Sock Madness out of yarn dyed by Soft Like Kittens in Auckland
And finally we have a jersey lot of yarn spun by Janet which she's wound up to make herself a jersey.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

March 8th meeting

Wasn't it nice to see the sunshine after such a wet week?  A get-together with all our friends helps a lot too.   I think the enforced time inside helped some of our members get busy with their wheels and needles and looms though; take a look!

Jan's Italian kid and silk scarf; lovely work.

Joanne's Merino/silk, I suspect it might have been Anna's fibre.

Rose spun this lovely merino which was left over from Patsy Z's course.
Ria spun this Romney, never seen Romney spun this fine.

Rose knit these socks from Kaffe Fasset's Regia Design Line yarn.

Kerry finished her Merino/silk which was dyed by Anna; been admiring this for a few weeks while she was spinning it.

Kerry's also been busy on the loom, this is the last wee bit from the bags she was making for a wedding.

Kerry also knit this scarf from some of Shona's fine merino that she'd spun up; don't know when she sleeps with all this work!

Carol felted this cushion, it's yet to be sewn up; hence the safety pins.

Rachelle's handsewn eighteenth century shift from handkerchief linen and sewn with linen thread.

I can't remember who owned this, might be Jan.  

Pat brought this in to show us, she made it in 1989 from a kit; the colourwork was already complete and you knit the rest of the jersey and there was some fabric included for a skirt.   She was going to give it to charity, but I believe it may have found a home with one of our other ladies; too good to chuck!
Next week we're at St Marks in Withells Rd; see you there!