Saturday, April 19, 2014


Today we had our buy and sell day.   Most of us were fairly restrained but a few things did change hands.

We also had a few lovely items on display

My merino and cashmere hat, it will be dyed as the colour doesn't suit me, but the yarn is too lovely not to use.

Mary Catherine made this top using some cotton yarn.  It was partly done when she got it, but she finished it.
Another of Mary Catherine's pieces, this was an alpaca/merino blend and has wonderful drape.

Joanne in her wonderfully bright cowl and gloves; this will definitely give her a lift in the middle of winter.

The back of Joanne's gloves, I love them!

Jan R put her freeform knitting onto this bag to display it, rather than putting it in a bag and never seeing it again.

Detail of the knitting.

Sonya made this jersey for her eldest for this winter; he'll be easy to spot.   It's absolutely gorgeous.

And new pj's for the same lucky lad.  Those monkeys are very cute.

Rosemary spun this yarn using some fibre she was given by an English visitor and some NZ fibre to make it go further.

Brenda brought this book in, written by her daughter and illustrated by herself.    It's for sale too!   A very nice wee book for children.
And that was it for the day.    Don't forget that next Saturday there isn't a guild meeting because too many of us are at the Festival.   Jenny is holding a spinning day at her place instead, see your guild notices for her contact details.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

05 April 2014

Joanne spun this woollen, using her new Majacraft stylus for the first time.    Apparently it'll probably be a hat and it's certainly soft enough for one!

This hat is also Joanne's, one of her earlier spinning results using Wabi Sabi Fibre.   The yarn required a little time in the stash to marinade, but after aging a sufficient amount of time it evolved into this lovely wee number.
And this is what Joanne does with leftovers, it's now a beautiful brooch

And Joanne's final piece for the week, is this shawl knit in the Bayfield pattern using some of Anna's laceweight yarn.

One of several singlets for the Royal Singlet Project is this green and white striped one by Rosemary

These were knit by Jan R (green) and Diane (white)

These two by Valerie

And these two by Meg
From top to bottom we have romney and then merino both spun by Diane and then polwarth spun by Valerie

Socks dyed and knit up by me (Rachelle) for my youngest son; he approves.

And finally, a pair of mobius scarves by Mary Catherine
And that's the table this week, it was fairly full!    Next week there isn't a meeting for the guild, instead we've been invited to celebration of incorporation for The Textile and Fibre Arts Network.  It's being held at Block 4, Hammersley Park School which is off Amos Place.   It's a shared lunch so bring something along to share.    See the March/April notices for further information.
I'm afraid I can't make it, so nothing for the blog next week; I'll be frantically painting instead.