Saturday, May 3, 2014

03 May 2014

It was a very busy day today, our room was pretty full with everyone wanting to see what people had bought at Festival.   We also had one new member come along, welcome to Cathy, was lovely to see you :).
We also had Kathy come along to pick up the yarn we had spun for her from her pet sheep Pixie.   This was a special spin as a thank you to the people who have provided us with storage for all our gear since the earthquakes, the best part is that we spun it as a guild and most people had a go at it.
Kathy was very pleased to have Pixie back in yarn form.
We had a number of lovely items to admire, including the stash pile from Festival

Jan was our first person to show off her latest work

This scarf used Alchemy yarns kid mohair and silk yarn

A drop stitch scarf, a lot of length in this one.

Isn't this a gorgeous wee jersey?   Some lucky wee person is going to be nice and warm this winter.

And finally another scarf in fuschia
Next was Kerry who had 2 items to display
A sweet wee hat and bootie set.

And finally her lap blanket from handspun yarn.
Next up was Kim
A handpsun handwoven scarf, Kim was breaking the rules.

Skeins dyed using beetroot and onion skins.

Handspun hat in romney
Mary Catherine was our final contributor
This is handspun corriedale overdyed by Mary Catherine possibly for use in colourwork.
Raewyn made a lovely shawl.

Finally I have a picture of the stash acquisition that occurred at Festival; this by the way, is only what they brought in today.   Apparently there was some left at home, including in one case a new Majacraft Rose spinning wheel!
And finally, courtesy of Diane a photo of the stash from one group of our members
I think this is very impressive, and I wish I was there!

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