Friday, May 30, 2014

Saturday May 31

How on earth did we get to the end of May already?   Hard to believe it's almost June and we're getting uncomfortably close to the middle of the year.      Don't forget our Midwinter Christmas lunch is coming up on 21st June.   Let Diane know if you want to go so she can confirm numbers; I'm certainly going!    No spinning that day, but I'm sure you can knit or crochet if you'd like to.

Another busy day today, was wonderful to see everyone and there was much conversation to be had; I had to tink back my socks several times as I was talking too much.

Rose made these to go with her cardigan, the arms can expand to keep a longer expanse warm; might have to steal this idea.

Mary Catherine has been busy spinning up Anna's merino/silk

She's also been working with some lovely Fibre2Go as well

Kerry's been spinning Romney; isn't it lovely?

Meg knit this cute bear from the goodie bag she got at Festival.
Everyone have a good week.   I'm going to spend a little time this week working on an article about Romney wool; it's one you rarely hear about and I think it's been ignored for too long online.  A lot of us spin it though so I think I might be qualified to talk about it a wee bit.

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