Friday, June 27, 2014

Halfway there!

Can you believe we're halfway through the year already?    I can't!

Today was fairly quiet, possibly a combination of there being a dye day on and the weather being so lovely; I should have been out in the garden, but decided the weeds don't really need my help.
We saw Sonya and her youngest for the last time for a while today; they're heading off to Prague for 6 months and we wish them the best (and envy them the possibilities of Ikea and Wollmeise), hopefully they'll have plenty to tell us when they get back.   I've added a wee section to our sidebar on the blog to add blogs of members.    So far there's just Sonya's and mine, but if anyone else in the guild has a blog please let me know and I can add it.

Now, what you're all waiting for, today's finished items

Rachelle's beaded cowl from navajo plied handspun merino/alplaca/silk

Valerie's sampling with different spinning methods

Pat knit the bear from the wee kit from Festival
Mary Catherine knit these lovely socks

Mary Catherine also spun these merino/silk yarns
Sandra's been busy on the wheel too, not sure what sheep it's from, but looks like it'll make a great jersey

Sandra's also been knitting, these multicoloured socks will make someone very happy

Anna's been spinning too, lovely squishy bundles of promise
Next Saturday we'll be at St Marks in Opawa, see you there!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Midwinter Christmas Lunch

Not much to say really, was a nice meal and the company as expected was excellent!

The most appalling photo ever I'm afraid, backlighting is something my cellphone doesn't like very much and I left the real camera behind at home.

Saturday, June 14, 2014


To our new members today, was lovely to see you.

Don't forget everyone that next Saturday we're not having a meeting, it's the Midwinter Christmas Lunch being held at The Garden Hotel in Marshlands Rd from Midday.   Let Diane know if you want to go.

Today was a nice day, the sun was shining for a change so the photographs have good lighting.

Valerie spun this lovely yarn in shades of grey, yellow and blue

Diane has been busy too with this lovely purple yarn

Diane also spun this yarn which was more purple in person.

Kerry has been busy on her loom; both use the same looms, but a different treddling sequence.

Valerie also brought this lovely cashmere shawl that she bought in India; it reminds me very much of the Pashmina's that were so popular in the early nineteenth century.

This is Rachelle's first project off the loom, the yarn is a little strong but it looks nice and I love the colours.

Rachelle also knit this pair of socks for her husband

and finally a hot water bottle cover, one of six that were made for The Hottie Project.  The lace was left over from Rachelle's wedding dress 15 years ago.
Have a great week everyone.