Saturday, July 5, 2014

July's Monthly Meeting

Yesterday's meeting was our monthly themed meeting; the theme this time was "Treasured Textiles".   A range of items were brought to be shown off, from first spun/knitted/woven items through to lovely items bought while on overseas excursions.     Unfortunately I can't remember who owned everything as I didn't have any paper to write it down on, so my apologies for that.    I will note what I do remember though.
There is also some of the work people had completed since our last meeting, which as usual is beautiful work.

An early jumper, quite heavy but beautifully warm

Sandra's first embroidery, unfortunately it's been attacked by silverfish, but a lovely piece of work with many memories

Joanne's spinning, the one on the right was bought for her by her son and then dyed by him.

Meg was given this when she was staying with a family in Europe I believe.   They offered her the choice of jewellery or textiles and she chose textiles.  It's double weave.

This is detail from Rosemary's christening dress, believed to have been made from an old nightie.

Kerry's husband rescued this from his mother's place when it was being cleared out after she passed away.   It's a souvenier tea towel from Queen Victoria's jubilee; the fabric is very fine.

Diane picked this up while overseas as well, it's a water bag

Detail of the water bag's weaving.
Genuine indian weaving from America, also Diane's.
Detail of Diane's last piece which is a salt bag
The salt bag in full; amazing workmanship.

This is a saddle blanket for a horse, never used on a horse though and really well made.

Rosemary's felt teddy

I think this was Eleanor's; it's a tapestry woven in alpaca that she bought while at the Maryland Sheep Festival.

Kerry made herself a glasses case after not being able to find one in the shops.

From back to front; first spinning then dyed; middle is the undyed first spinning and in front is the first dyeing done on commercial yarn.

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