Saturday, July 26, 2014

The End of an Era

Today was our last day at St Marks in Withells Rd; next Saturday we'll be meeting at our new rooms in The Tannery; isn't that exciting?
On Monday the rooms will be open from 1pm till 3pm for anyone who wants to take a look; no spinning as we're not set up for that till later this week, but definitely worth a look if you can.

Heather and her students have been doing some overdyeing

Did I say some?   I meant a lot

And then there was more!

Jan has been knitting, this is a Touch Yarns creation which if viewed by a better photographer is red and orange and has crosses running through it created by the colour changes in it.

Mary Catherine has been busy turning Anna's merino/silk into lovely wee skeins.

This is Joanne's, she's been very busy spinning while watching the Tour de France.  This one is from Heavenly Wools.

Joanne also spun this Heavenly Wools fibre using the long-draw method on her stylus

And she spun these two as well; the front one is 2 plies merino and one of silk hankie and the back is the leftover silk hankie Navajo plied.

You saw the one on the left last week as well; I put it through the wheel again this time to add more ply twist and it's much better.   The second one is probably corriedale; it came off the sales table some time back and was without any label. (Rachelle)

Jan knit and modeled these lovely (and practical) wee cuffs.

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